Trends, Tips for Interior Design Services

Everyone is home a lot more these days. As we wait for a return to normal, here are trends and tips for maximizing the functionality and feel of where you live, work and play.

Providing interior design services isn’t just about making a home look beautiful. It’s also about making life feel and function better when you live in it. 

After this past year – with working, learning, and staycationing at home much more than before – we need more functionality than ever out of our living spaces. Several new trends have now emerged for interior designers. Karen Sacksteder, owner of Sacksteder’s Interiors, shares some of the design services in big demand right now, and her tips for bringing them into your home.

Home Offices

Many of us have been working from home over the past year, and will continue to in some capacity in the future. With Zooms becoming the norm, it gives people – your co-workers and possibly clients – a window into your world.

“Your home represents you, especially as a woman,” says Sacksteder. One way you can help to elevate your home office’s look is by “Zoom-ing it up.” 

“Think about what’s in frame, what can people see when you’re on that call, what is your backdrop, and how does that represents you,” says Sacksteder. “If your space is disorganized or cluttered, people assume the same about you. You want to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Same goes for your home office.”

Don’t have a dedicated home office? Don’t worry, Sacksteder says lighting, carpet and furniture can help define and dedicate the space as an office. “Open concept layouts are popular, for example. So with a home like that, we define the different areas with an area rug, light fixture and furniture arrangement so you can easily see and feel how each area is meant to function,” says Sacksteder.

Home Learning Spaces

If your kids are learning virtually or home schoolers, you want to look to create a space for them that is inspiring, functional, and organized. “It’s important to make it a place they actually want to be in all day,” says Sacksteder. “Also, depending on how big your kids are, you will want to think about low storage they can get to. Like furniture with cubbies for easy accessibility.”

Instead of a boring chalkboard or white board, opt for something like the Austin Chalkboard by Uttermost. This Farmhouse Barn Door Chalkboard helps you organize your calendar, take notes, or display artwork with five clips included.

Also, Sacksteder says, the desk is key. “You’ll want a nice office desk where they can store away their device when it’s not being used and then have a cleared desk for activities,” she suggests. “Go with one that has a rustic finish because kids can be very rough on furniture. A rustic finish hides it well. I speak from personal experience on that one.”


Life happens and things accumulate. But you know the freeing feeling of a well-organized, de-cluttered space. Sacksteder said there’s been a big jump in helping clients feel that way. “You don’t need 10 things on your tabletop, so simplify and eliminate clutter,” she says. “There should be a place for everything – you don’t need it out all the time. What a designer can help with is creating more places to put all your things.” 

Sacksteder says when eliminating clutter, you’ll want to look for furniture with hidden storage. “We love furniture that doubles as storage space,” says Sacksteder. “This can be ottomans, benches, and side boards, chests.”

Kitchen Remodels

With people eating at home more often, kitchen remodels have increased dramatically, Sacksteder says. 

“People want a more functional or more aesthetically pleasing kitchen if they’re going to be in it all the time,” she adds. “Plus, they didn’t spend money on vacations and going out like they usually would have so they’re spending that budget to entertain and ‘get away’ at home — like a new bar in their basement.”

Sacksteder’s Interiors offers bar carts, art, chairs, and more for your kitchen remodel and home bar needs.

Conversation Spaces

Our circles may be smaller these days, but the need for conversation is stronger than ever. Conversation pits are a popular new trend, Sacksteder says. “Consider adding swivel chairs, a nice size coffee table, and turn it into a game night with family or a wine or beer tasting with your inner circle,” she suggests.

Lighten Up

Go light and bright by lightning up your rooms and spaces with a fresh new paint color. “Light, bright, and airy wall colors are in right now,” Sacksteder says. “Not so much deep and dark.”  

Organic accessories like coral, succulents or floral arrangements help make a space feel airy and fresh, too, says Sacksteder. 

Design/Designer Tips

So you’ve done the upgrades and now you’ve got the space, but how can you utilize it to its fullest potential? Here are tips on utilizing your space: 

Utilizing the space in your home means evaluating which spaces or rooms aren’t used quite as much and think about why that is. Is there something that could be added to increase the functionality or improve how you feel when you’re in that space, or could it be used for something else you would use more often?

Sacksteder says her team enjoys teaching clients as they go through the design process. “We like to teach people on why – not just sell them and say goodbye,” she laughs.

Using a designer who wants to work with your budget and not just sell you items is also important. “It’s important that a designer can reflect your personality, and your space ends up feeling like you and not them,” says Sacksteder. “Each designer is a little different – find someone who’s a good fit for you. Talk with them, meet them, and feel like you’re on the same page.”

Sacksteder’s Interiors is located at 9797 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati and 4101 U.S. 52 in New Trenton, IN. Call (513)791- 5022 or (812) 637-1422 to learn more and follow along on Facebook or Instagram. Click here to shop the Sacksteder’s Interiors catalog.

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