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Trend Alert: Mix-Matched Pillows

Trending fabrics and colors are often defined by the fashion industry and right now, mixed-matched prints are taking over the runway! Style inspiration can be translated into your home by following the same rules; while the fashion industry has seen a surge in vintage inspired clothing, so does interior design with home decor. Seventies inspired florals in large and small scale print adorn purses, scarves, bathing suits, as well as every day sportswear in much the same way it does draperies and accent chairs. This year, incorporate mixed prints into decorative pillows to stay up-to-date while on a small budget.

Original Source: J Crew

Original Source: J Crew

Source: Houzz - Happy Interiors Group

Source: Houzz – Happy Interiors Group

Both J Crew’s model and the living room by Happy Interiors Group mixes blue and yellow prints by using large and small scales. Combining a dominant print with a muted one does not overwhelm the space, but creates visual interest and balance in an otherwise small room. Get the same high contrast look with these pillows from Surya! These two prints mix modern with traditional styles, which give it that eclectic look.

Source: Surya

Source: Surya

If you aren’t into lots of color, try a monochromatic look – black and white with one color. This can be any mix of black and white, including gray. Mixing solids with prints are also great pairs. The linen pillow with black, faux leather accents create a frame-like quality that is eye catching, yet does not compete with the other prints.

Monochromatic Color Scheme


In this example, the model’s loud trousers are balanced by the soft blue hue of her shirt..

Source: J Crew

Source: J Crew

Source: Pinterest

Source: Classy Clutter

Finally, as we have seen ombre looks from literally head to toe, the same look can be achieved with pillows. To get the full effect, it’s best to use 4-5 pillows, such as on a sofa or bed. Begin by choosing a color, then find various hues of that color. Arrange the pillows from darkest to lightest from the outside, in. Don’t be afraid to use different patterns and textures! Grabbing just a few pillows around our Montgomery store, we created the look using a brown/beige hue with an ivory-textured pillow as the focal point.

Sacksteder's Interiors, Montgomery

Sacksteder’s Interiors, Montgomery

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