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Cinderella Crush? Be Enchanted by Sanctuary


Even if your prince has already made his appearance, there are days when you wish you could be whisked off to a pampering, beautiful getaway.

I’m not talking a vacation, I’m talking a magical experience.

When I saw the designs in the Sanctuary Collection, I knew that it was my heart’s fantasy.


Sanctuary is made for a fairytale romance, pure and simple.

If, like me, you’re entranced by the splendid castle setting in Disney’s new live action Cinderella, you will surely be enchanted by the Sanctuary Collection.


If there’s a more charming, versatile living room accent piece than theSanctuary accent table, I haven’t seen it. This piece captures the folkloric but oh-so-chic look perfectly.


A bombe-front dresser is always graceful bedroom furniture, but enrobed in antiqued silver leaf, it’s spectacular. The Sanctuary dresser and equally decorative mirror give your room a royal look that’s dream-worthy.


You’re obviously the fairest of them all, and so is this pretty “Silver Journey”Sanctuary mirror with a silvery frame and a shape that evokes a heraldic shield or perhaps a regal orchid blossom, but in an up-to-date way.


Here’s that cool, regal “Journey” design I fell in love with, this time in a dramatic dark gray finish. I know it’s a dining chair, but I’d put one in the bedroom anyway, as a place for my prince to take off his shoes or toss his camping shirt. A few accents like these keep the fantasy look from becoming too much of a good thing, don’t you think?


Marie Antoinette and other young royals loved to besport themselves in play-rustic settings that looked casual but never skimped on regal comforts. There’s a perfect balance in the Sanctuary upholstered bed between rough and sleek, elegant and relaxed, for any princess needing downtime.

I love the witty headboard, lavishly tufted, in rustic ecru fabric, and the elaborate frame, eased up in chalk-washed wood.


What’s a fairytale without enchanted wildlife? This folkloric lampshade from looks especially fresh in seaglass.

Could This Be The World's Most Expensive Dolls House?

I just had to bring in one of my favorite inspirations, Coleen Moore’s Dollhouse/Cinderella Castle at Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry. Every room in this perfectly scaled miniature castle, nearly a story high, is filled with exquisite furnishings and details that still leave kids (and imaginative grown-ups) gasping.

Sam Moore Dawson ottoman

When you’re looking for furniture to evoke a real or imaginary place and time, make sure your fabrics help tell the story.

Sam Moore justice-pewter 1069


We searched high and low, and finally found the essential glass slipper on Etsy, crafted by Lambs and Ivy in Atlanta.


It makes me think of my tough-on-the-outside grandmother, who, when we watched the Cinderella musical on her old TV, couldn’t help but call out, “Run, Cinderella, run!”

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