Lighting Tips for Your Home.

In location of lighting, are there other do’s and don’ts?

One of the most important interior design considerations in the placement of light fixtures is the glare they produce. Direct glare – as from a bare light bulb – is the worst kind.

Always use the correct bulbs to avoid glare and also beware of reflected glare, light that bounces off of other objects into the eyes.

My room seems too big/small…. how can lighting help?

The direction in which you point the light can be very helpful. Ceilings can pose problems, or they can become special features. If the ceilings seem too low, bounce light from up-light fixtures (like torchieres) as this can visually “raise” the ceilings. Cathedral or beamed ceilings can also he highlighted and take on new importance in the overall design of a room with up lighting. Two common problems in older homes are rough or patchy surfaces., and high, cavernous ceilings. To alleviate lighting issues, keep the lighting off the ceiling by using only down lighting (like chandeliers or semi-flush mounts). Imperfections in a surface will be less noticeable without direct light shining on them.

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Room dimensions can “appear” to be altered with the proper lighting. Smaller rooms can look more expansive and large rooms can be warmed with the correct lighting fixtures. Washing the four walls of a room with soft light, combined with a light toned paint can create the effect of a larger room. Conversely, a large room illuminated with a few soft pools of light concentrated on certain objects or areas can make a room feel smaller and more intimate.

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Accessory Ideas for Less Than $100

Having a beautiful home isn’t just about matching colors and patterns and great furnishings. In fact, a well designed room isn’t going to mean much to you if it doesn’t feel like it’s a good representation of you.

Part of the joy of home ownership is the ability to personalize your space, making it a reflection of who you are and what is important to you. Accessories will help you personalize and pull together your rooms for a look that is uniquely you.

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Youth Furniture Inspires Creativity

Young people personalize their music (think iTunes), their shoes (think Converse) and their phones, so why not their room?

That was the thinking behind the Lily youth furniture bedroom from Opus Designs by Hooker Furniture.  The bedroom invites youth to express themselves with color, creating a bedroom in an endless array of color schemes to reflect their personality.

Lily is offered in a clean eggshell white finish and features removable color accent panels on case fronts and beds. Four color panels, each with two color options for a total of eight color choices, are stored inside the drawer fronts. Simply remove the knob and you can slide the panels in and out to create various color schemes.

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Gaming Furniture on the Rise

Nintendo sold its 30 millionth Wii console in the U.S. earlier this month. The popular motion-sensing game hit 30 million units in just 45 months,

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