Tips for Choosing Wall Décor

Choosing home décor for your walls can make or break a space! Let’s talk about some things to consider when you are shopping. Are you starting fresh in a new home? Are you renovating? Refreshing one room at a time? Whatever stage of the project you are in, Sacksteder’s Interiors is the place to shop for wall décor!

Choosing décor for your walls is one way to add interest, texture, character, color, and more! Sacksteder’s Interiors is the perfect place to shop because we carry a wide range of items. Artwork of all shapes and sizes, hanging florals, wall hangings, and more! Another reason to shop at Sacksteder’s is to take advantage of our knowledgeable staff of interior designers. Bring in the photos of the space you are working with and we can give you some advice to make your shopping experience easier. You can also bring in paint swatches, drawings, fabrics or have us out to your home or business for an interior design consultation.

How do you want your space to feel? For a bedroom you may want to keep your décor more calming, it may be good to choose a large neutral piece of artwork. A kitchen, you may want to choose something that can easily be cleaned, like a wall hanging with some sort of hard surface. If you are decorating a living room, you may want to create a gallery wall with a mix of artwork and family photos. You should also consider size, shape, and color scheme. Make sure your wall décor isn’t too large or too small for the space.

Check out our website and gallery for some inspiration.

We would love to help you decorate your home or business!

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