Tips for Adding Extra Seating (and Style!) to Your Living Room

You never know when you’ll be hosting a group at home – especially these days. How do you fit in seating for all those people and still keep it stylish and simple when they’re not there? Keep reading for a few of our best tips.

Add Ottomans Under a Console Table

One of the easiest ways to add extra seating is to have a few extra ottomans around the room. They add softness to a space and functionality when you need it. The negative space under a console table make for the perfect “home” to these ottomans when not in use. Bonus points if the ottomans double as storage. Ottomans are a great seating option for kids, young adults, and adults without mobility issues.

Add Console and High Stools to Back of Sofa

A sofa in your space naturally defines a space. Use the back of that sofa to seamlessly add even even more seating with a console and high stools! We love this Mitchell Console Table from Sacksteder’s Interiors.

In many homes, people use the console as a buffet table for appetizers or small “help yourself” meals. Put it in a game room for snacks, beverages, ice and glasses with the stools out in their family room for extra seating. In a business setting, you can use this console in a conference room for a “take a break” food buffet and casual extra seating.

Add Console and High Stools to Wall

Same idea as before, but put the console up against a wall under beautiful art, or under a window for extra seating with a view.

Writing Desk Behind Sofa

We’ve all been working from home a lot more these days, which left many scrambling to find an “office space” without an actual office. For this, we love suggesting a writing desk that doubles as a sofa table. This is different from a bulkier home office desk because when used as a sofa table, the work area is part of the living space and blends smoothly between the two. Keep in mind, these types of desks are smaller in scale with limited storage, so they are best suited for laptop work or a small writing area, but they provide maximum function in a minimal footprint. Pair it with a beautiful chair and you have the perfect marriage of form and function.

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