Expert Design Tip: The Rule of Threes

One of our favorite (and easiest!) design tips is to follow the “Rule of Threes.” Read on for some expert advice on this golden rule.

Rule of Threes helps you step up your home designing and styling game without much effort. But before we get started on some examples and tips for how to implement, we’ll explain a little more about the concept.

The Rule of Threes allows you to create visual depth in your home’s decor and, because you’re styling the items in odd numbers rather than even numbers, you can create a more appealing look. Here are ways that you can use the Rule of Threes in your home: 

When it comes to artwork, you need at least three items to make it a collection. So if you’re creating a gallery wall, be sure to include at least three items, but depending on the size of the wall you can use six or even nine items to round out your collection.

Wondering how you can create a more appealing look on side tables or bookcases? Use three objects of different heights and styles to create a vignette. The goal of a vignette is to create a triangle that the eyes can follow but also be intriguing enough thanks to the variety in heights and styles.

Do you have an empty space that just feels like it’s missing something? This is where the Rule of Threes can come in and save the day. Depending on how much space you need to fill, you may want to consider a chair, a cabinet, or a piece of artwork to bring in texture, patterns, or height.

Have some shelves that need styled? Decorating shelves is harder than it looks. Finding that perfect balance and blend of colors and objects, mixing textures and sizes, layering pieces, keeping it visually interesting without looking cluttered — so much to think about! Rule of Threes to the rescue!

If you are struggling to decorate a spot in your home (shelves, coffee table, console, etc) try taking items off and putting them back on in groups of three. This can be plants, pictures, any matching items. It doesn’t all have to be on the same shelf either. Try adding one matching item in a group of three to each shelf, alternating sides. Automatically upgrade in visual appeal!

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