Zoom Your Room

We’ve all been working from home over the past year, and it looks like that’s here to stay for many. With virtual workspaces, virtual events and networking, Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Live, Clubhouse, and other teleconferencing services are becoming the norm. 

As soon as your camera turns on, it gives everyone there – co-workers, colleagues, prospects and clients – a window into your world. “You have to think about it from their perspective, what are they seeing and what does that say?” says Sacksteder. “Your home represents you. So, especially in a work setting, you want it to say something really good.”

One way to elevate the look of your home office is to do what Sacksteder calls “Zooming it up,” or focusing first on what people can see when you’re on camera.

“Think about what’s in frame, what can people see when you’re on that call. What is your backdrop, and how does that represent you,” says Sacksteder. “If your space is disorganized or cluttered, people assume the same about you. You want to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Same goes for your home office.”

Sacksteder says to first consider your backdrop. “I love a great piece of statement art,” Sacksteder says. She also recommends soft lighting from a nice desk lamp as well as greenery or a floral arrangement to make it look fresh and airy. Sacksteder’s Interiors can create a custom piece for you if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. 

While the above are things Sacksteder does recommend, there are also some things she doesn’t recommend when it comes to your setup. “Stay away from mirrors and avoid family pictures showing in the backdrop,” she explains.

Don’t have a dedicated home office? Don’t worry, Sacksteder says lighting, carpet and furniture can help define any space as an office space. “For example, open concept layouts are popular,” says Sacksteder. “We define different spaces – like an office – with an area rug, light fixture and furniture arrangement so you can easily see how each area is meant to function.”

Women who are looking to upgrade their home office space may want to consider the Primm Executive Swivel Tilt Chair and the Office Rustic Glam Leg Desk for a glamorous, feminine, and sophisticated look. 

Sacksteder says men tend to lean more toward deep, dark, heavy furniture. To achieve this masculine look, you can opt for something like the Treviso Writing Desk, the Melange Architectural Writing Desk, the Curie or Ardell Industrial Accent Lamp, Arkutino Black Iron Floor Lamp, Tustin Tripod LampNewton Industrial Accent Lamp, or Belding Desk Lamp

Sacksteder says the office desk and storage options are key for any office space. “You might want to think about a desk that can store away your laptop when it’s not being used so you have it cleared for writing or reading,” says Sacksteder. “Also opt for furniture with hidden storage. We love it when furniture – like ottomans, benches, and credenzas – can double as storage space. It makes your space look and feel so much better when everything is tucked away in their place.”

Sacksteder’s Interiors is located at 9797 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati and 4101 U.S. 52 in New Trenton, IN. Call (513)791- 5022 or (812) 637-1422 to learn more and follow along on Facebook or Instagram. Click here to shop the Sacksteder’s Interiors catalog.

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