Hot Artwork Trends Heating Up in 2021

After spending so much time at home last year, we all need some ways refresh and renew our spaces. Changing up your home decor is an easy way to do just that.

While this year has shown to take a more neutral approach when it comes to colors, you can add lots of personality, textures and dimension through artwork. Karen Sacksteder, owner of Sacksteder’s Interiors, shares her top five artwork trends to try out this year: 

Abstract– Abstract art is a great way to bring contemporary flair to more traditional art like florals, landscapes, and portraits. The Graffiti Hand Painted Canvas from Sacksteder’s Interiors is perfect for any wall. “Abstract takes something that’s traditional and makes it feel new and one-of-a-kind,” Sacksteder says.

Mixed Metals – A big hit in artwork this year is mixed metals, Sacksteder says. Mixed metals artwork helps to combine and coordinate various other metals you have in the room. “It’s like the new color trend of ‘Graige” – blend of gray and beige – which helps to pull together those colors you have in the room, mixed metal artwork pulls in all the metals you have in a space.” Sacksteder’s Interiors carries this Smoky Waves Hand Painted Canvas, bringing together several neutral colors. “Just in that one piece alone you have white, black, and gray accented by hints of brown, taupe, and charcoal,” Sacksteder says. “You want a piece like this to just tie it all up beautifully.”

Mismatched Pieces – Did you know that the picture frames in your home don’t have to match? You can match up the artwork within the frames to bring a room together – or to lead visitors up the stairs or take their eyes up in rooms with high ceilings. Companion pieces – like the Angeline Wall Art, Bahati Wood Wall Art, and Foliage Framed Prints – can also help the eye follow a line. You may also consider filling a space with multiple smaller prints that are similar! You can see more on framing and how to bring a room together here.

Inspirational – We live in an age where inspirational quotes and affirmations help us get the day started on the right foot. There’s no harm in framing an inspirational quote that is important to you and hanging it up in your home. You are, after all, telling a story with your art. Tell your story with a framed inspirational quote.

Alternative Art – Art doesn’t always have to be a picture. You can opt for plates or baskets, metal art, organic art – like this Coral Wall Art, Adlai Wood Wall Art or Autumn Lace Leaf – and even floral art for your home! Sacksteder says Shadow boxes – like this Kella Shadow Box, Abalone Shells Wall Art, or Cobalt Shadow Box – are a big part of this trend. “We love shadow boxes because they add so much more dimension,” she adds. “The frames are beautiful and so is what’s featured inside. It’s like art within art!”

Sacksteder’s Interiors is located at 9797 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati and 4101 U.S. 52 in New Trenton, IN. Call (513)791- 5022 or (812) 637-1422 to learn more and follow along on Facebook or Instagram. Click here to shop the Sacksteder’s Interiors catalog.

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