Top Tips & Trends for Decorating with Mirrors in 2021

Mirror, mirror on the wall… tell us the biggest 2021 mirror trends of them all…

Mirrors continue to be an interior design favorite — and for good reason. They reflect light, add shine, visually expand a space, add a decorative touch to any interior, and create a stylish finishing accent.

“Mirrors are appearing in so many fun new forms this year,” says Karen Sacksteder, owner of Sacksteder’s Interiors. “From materials, shapes, frames, bevels, types and accessories, it’s really easy now to find a mirror that reflects your style and taste.” Here are Sacksteder’s top trends and tips to keep in mind before you hang that mirror, mirror on the wall. 

Five Mirror Design Trends for 2021:

  • Unusual materials: The Corbis Mirror by Uttermost, with its hand forged looped metal strips, silver finish and light champagne highlights, is a great example of how unique materials and design can turn a simple mirror into a piece of art. Other mirrors featuring unusual materials include the Woodrum, Nevena, Galtero, Ward, Tanaina, and Vermundo.
  • Unusual shapes: Gone are the days of a mirror that’s all function and no fun. New options include designs like the Aneta Round Mirror by Uttermost, which add whimsical flair and a touch of femininity with its scalloped edges. Other options with unique shapes include: the Whirlwind, Valentia, Lourosa Quatrefoil, Savion Octagon, Shanti, Acacius Arch or Crofton Diamond.
  • Bigger bevel: A generous 1 1/4” bevel on this Kanuti Mirror is the perfect example of how a growing bevel trend is on the rise because of its dramatic effect and 3-dimensional design. Other mirrors featuring a generous 1 1/4” bevel include the Adara, Alfred, and Amberlyn Round, or the Vilaine that gives the illusion of an extreme bevel with its geometric design.
  • Mirrored accessories: Mirrors aren’t just for walls. Look for mirrored trays, mirrored boxes, floating shelves, lighting and even furniture that offer the same perks of adding light, shine, reflection, allusion of space, and decorative touch of a wall mirror. Mirrored accessory examples include: the Dalis Mirrored Wall Shelf, McBryde Mirrored Floor Lamp, Matty Mirrored Side Table, and Rachele Tray
  • More floor mirrors: Floor mirrors aren’t just for bedrooms any more, says Sacksteder. “We’re seeing floor mirrors with shutters and window panes. And the frames are pieces of art, like the Valcellina with its weathered wood frame and distressed finish,” she explains. “And floor mirrors with generous solid wood frames that really help to anchor a space, like the Langford with 10” of antiqued hickory.”

Five Tips for Decorating with Mirrors:

  • Metals: Sacksteder says there’s a wide range of metals available with mirror designs, and choosing the right one compliments and completes a space. An aged gold can feel more vintage, black metal is more sleek and urban, and a silver or mirrored frame adds extra sparkle and shine. While other designs mix metals — like the Isaiah, Leron, and Gabbriel — which brings together a variety of colors and tones in a room. 
  • Placement: placement is key when you’re designing a space and considering mirrors. “The most important thing to consider is what it’s reflecting,” Sacksteder says. “A mirror amplifies, so you want it to amplify something important — like a window, a chandelier, or a gathering space — not a table that collects clutter, because then you’re amplifying the clutter. If what’s reflected isn’t pleasant or important, like ceiling fan, it’s not the right place for a mirror.” Also, Sacksteder adds, avoid placing the mirror right in front of the door. “It can be startling to see a reflection of yourself as soon as you walk in the door.”
  • Let there be light:Consider putting a mirror above a lamp or opposite a window where it can reflect light and brighten up a room. Good options include the Alanna Vanity or Carrick Oval for above a nightstand. Sacksteder also suggests placing a mirror opposite an entryway for a “greeting effect” that can make small and narrow entryways and hallways feel more expansive.
  • Grouping: Instead of hanging a mirror by itself, group it with other wall decor pieces. You can hang a cluster of mirrors together, or another option is to place the mirror with framed artwork or canvases. This offers different textures and adds interest. The Amiel Arch Mirror or the Tropea Set are prime examples. Sacksteder says her best mirror grouping tip is to think in odd numbers. “Odd number groupings of objects are nearly always more appealing to the eye,” she explains. “So think 3, 5 or 7 if you’re wondering how many mirrors to considering in a grouping.”
  • Height: Sacksteder says to keep in mind that the height of the mirror affects what it’ll reflect and its functionality. A mirror hanging at eye level makes it both decorative and functional. If you’re placing the mirror above furniture, a general guideline is to go 6 to 8 inches above the furniture if it’s roughly 35 inches high. Go with an 8 to 12 inch spacing for shorter furniture. If the furniture is taller, leave only 3 to 5 inches between it and the mirror so the mirror isn’t too high.

“This is just scratching the surface when it comes to our mirror decorating ideas, tips and trends,” Sacksteder says. “If any one has any questions, needs help with accessorizing or placement, or wants to book a design consultation, feel free to contact us.”

Sacksteder’s Interiors is located in at 9797 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati and 4101 U.S. 52 in New Trenton, IN. Call (513)791- 5022 or (812) 637-1422 to learn more and follow along on Facebook at or Instagram.

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