Clutter-Free Kitchens ~ Tips From Sacksteder’s Interiors


Our kitchens are the hub of our home activities and a common area to collect stuff. We plan our kitchens for function and family spaces.

How do you create a clutter-free, beautiful, and useful spaces in your kitchen?

Step 1Reclaim clean, clear space on your kitchen surfaces to make room for cooking. Start by completely clearing off and cleaning your kitchen counters. Before putting anything back, consider what you honestly need to access on a daily basis. My daily items include coffeemaker, crock of cooking utensils next to the stove and a cutting board. Everything else has a home inside my cupboards.

Step 2: Kitchen as Entry Area: Plan a specific place to store keys and mail (for example, a dish for keys and a tray for mail) so that these items don’t spread over your freshly cleared counter.

Step 3: Your Kitchen Joy: Think through each part of the day, consider what small item or routine you could add to make your time in the kitchen a bit more pleasurable. Here are a few ideas:

  • An iPad for listening to music or podcasts
  • Fresh flowers in a vase or a permanent floral arrangement
  • A candle with a Fall or Holiday scent
  • A pair of stools so people can chat while you cook.

Sacksteder’s Interior Designers can assist you in creating a kitchen to mirror your style, lifestyle and workflow in a beautiful kitchen that you will be proud of to show off.

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