How to Decorate a 2020 Grateful Holiday Christmas Tree ~ A Great DIY Idea!

Your DIY Grateful Holiday Tree

There is a book called, “The Gratitude Tree” that teaches us that the secret to happiness is being grateful for what we have. We see grateful trees made out of various items and enjoyed by both adults and children.

Let’s bring this idea to our Holiday Decorating this year.

  1. Start with your favorite ornaments from your collection. You may have one with the year one of your children was born or when you got married.
  2. Add some new ornaments from the Sacksteder’s Interiors collection based on your Holiday Color or Theme.
  3. Using a red, green, or blue thin marker based on your color theme for your Holiday Tree, write what you are grateful for on a hard-stock paper. Make a small hole at the top to add a ribbon to hang it on your tree. Sign it with this year’s date.
  4. This type of Holiday Tree can be small or large. It can be put in a different room in your home that you pass by frequently such as you foyer or lobby. Commercial Offices can make a “grateful Holiday tree” with their employees as a way to “connect” with each other.

Simply, this will create a special memory and an uplifting activity to do with your family or friends.

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