Sacksteder’s Designs Dream Kitchens!

Designing a New Kitchen ~ Let us Help!

Our expert Interior Designers can guide you to create a comfortable, creative and new “dream” kitchen.Here are some ideas to consider when planning a new kitchen:

  1. Requirements & Functions: List are the requirements of everyone in your home.
  2. Adaptable Options: Look at what multi-purpose or adaptable space is needed to meet your needs and those of your children, both while they’re young and as they grow into teenagers.
  3. Choose a Layout:  If you want to create a child-free Peninsula or U-shaped kitchen that closes off access at one end is ideal to create a child-free zone to keep family members clear of the area and out from under your feet. In a busy household, restricting passage in and out of the kitchen in this way can be safer during cooking. Open-plan arrangement with an L-Shaped or island layout that flows into a living area is the best option for a family-centered space.
    With this type of layout, the family can freely access the kitchen, creating a welcoming feel.
  4. Create a Safe Prep and Cook Area
  • Think about your cooking style to plan  a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • For example, if you want a kitchen that allows teenagers to access the fridge or microwave, it’s better to have these appliances on the periphery of the kitchen, so they’re within easy reach but safely away from the cooking zone.
  • Similarly, a kitchen island with seating at the far end will let you keep an eye on young kids during cooking, but it also safely separates them from the hazards of the food prep and cooking area.

And, 5. Hire a professional Designer at Sacksteder’s to ensure a perfect kitchen for your home.

When planning your new kitchen , let us help you to create a place for cooking and eating, a sociable space for gathering, doing homework and simply spending time together as a family.

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