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Tips For Curtain Lengths

Here are some tips to create a beautiful home design using window curtains:

TIP 1: Hang your curtain rods higher than the window to make your windows look larger with more height. Raising your curtain rod will help your ceilings look higher also.

Choose a rod that is 4-6 inches wider than your outer frame of your window. Do not use too narrow of rods. When open, your curtain will cover the frame and slightly over the side of the window.

TIP 2: Purchase curtain panels 1 and 1/2 times the width of your window for gathers to look for more luxurious.

TIP 3: Do not purchase curtain panels that are too short. short curtains do not look good and here are four lengths to consider related to the function of your room.

KISS: They can KISS the floor, they hover perfectly the top of your floor. These look tailored and professionally designed.

PUDDLE length is adding an extra 6 – 16 inches and hangs on the floor to have an elegant and sophisticated train of fabric.

BREAK PUDDLE is created by adding a half of an inch to an inch of extra material to your curtains so that the drapes won’t cut off when they reach the floor. Medium Puddle is 2 to 4 inches as an option.

FLOATING length is a half-inch off the floor so this takes some extra time to measure. This is less formal yet it makes your room look polished.

Overall, it is important to not hang your curtains too short. Formal rooms with less traffic are good for Puddle or Kiss curtain lengths.

Consult with your Interior Designer at Sacksteder’s Interiors for the best method for your room and function of your room.

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