Soft Rugs ~ My Favorite!

There are several kinds of rugs with different weaves.

What determines how the rug feels underfoot is the weave of the rug. The weave also determines how the rug wears over time.


Hooked rugs and tufted ones share similar weaving technique, with one difference. Hooked rugs use intact yarn loops rather than sheared off ones. Thus, resulting in a nubby, textured-quality rug. Hooked style rugs are not very prone to shedding like the tufted rugs.


Rugs similar to mats are referred to Flatwoven since there is no pile. This style is available in a wide variety of materials with synthetics, cotton and wool being the most common. These rugs are very durable and you can add a rug pad for a better feel if prefered.


Machine-made styles come with everything from shag to flokati rugs to cut-pile styles. They are woven on power looms. These rugs are affordable and offer consistent quality and elaborate patterns. Most are created using synthetic fibers which makes them a high resistance to stain.

Flokati rugs are woven with wool, appear shaggy in appearance and are thick and soft.


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