TIPS on Hanging Artwork to Enhance Any Room from Sacksteder’s Interiors

Sacksteder’s Interiors has a wide collection of artwork to add beauty to your home. We have listed some tips for you to use to hang your artwork like a professional.

TIP 1: As a general rule, hang your artwork at eye level. When hanging over furniture, it can be 6-8 inches above your furniture item. Look at your composition to see what looks good to you.

From example, we have an entryway furniture piece that is not very tall with a vertical large single art painting. There is more than 8 inches between the furniture, yet it is still hung at eye level. Below the artwork is a permanent floral arrangement ~this combination works wonders.

TIP 2: Make sure the area is large enough to handle the size of your art or art grouping.

TIP 3: Use two hanger hooks to hang large pictures, at the same distance to center so art continually stays level. It is also helpful to use a level to check yourself.

TIP 4: Treat two, three of four pieces of art as one larger piece with the same guideline of hanging as a group at eye level. Space each artwork a few inches apart, 2 to 3 inches is recommended, so they stay connected and look like they belong together.

TIP 5: Artwork should be about two-thirds width of the furniture below your artwork.

These guidelines support your look and it is important that you like how your artwork placement enhances the rest of your room.

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