Art Shares Your Story!

Art Shares Your Story!

Artwork brings our story to our lives! Looking at the artwork on display in your own home, what do you learn about you and your family? Artwork provides ambiance and character to any home or office space. Colors in your art creates a mood or atmosphere. Here are some ideas from Sacksteder’s Interiors to guide you.

Over a Fireplace: The fireplace is a great place for one large piece of art. At our home, we change the artwork periodically for variety in our great room.

When Using a Shelf: Sometimes, you may want to use a shelf to display your smaller pieces of art. One tip is to place one frame behind the other to create depth and better composition with both pieces being visible. Shelves are a great way to change your displays periodically with different art pieces.

Mix of Materials or Type: It is good idea to have diversity in your selections, yet we recommend using colors that work together. For example, this artwork mirrors the color of the accessories on the table below.

Do a Collection: A staircase wall is an awesome place to display a collection of pictures. You can mix different sizes and frames. Your assortment of large and small artwork pieces can bring your “story” to your staircase. Another tip is to stagger the frames parallel to the steps. You should also use the railing as a guide for the lower edge of the arrangement. Above are some examples of a collection with a multiple of art in an entryway, family room and a bathroom.

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