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As we look around our homes, we see what we want to refresh or decorate differently. One way to improve an area is through buffet lamps.

Buffet lamps, as their name suggest, can be used on a buffet, some lowish chests, bedroom dressers, pedestals, hall console tables( credenza), and on sofa tables, etc. When interior decorating with buffet lamps, try to keep the combined height of the lamp and surface it is placed on in the 58 to 64 inch range. At Sacksteder’s Interiors, we provide guidance through in-home consultations or come visit one of our furniture showroom locations. We collected three tips to start our thinking about decorating for a new look!

From interior designer experts, here are three tips on how to use buffet lamps.

TIP 1: Two Lamps – Do you need two lamps on a buffet?

There are no hard and fast rules, you can have one or two lamps on the buffet and it will look great.

TIP 2Size and Placement

Buffet lamps are going to be taller and sometimes they’re slimmer, it depends on the size of your sideboard. If it’s a really big sideboard you can get away with a bigger base buffet lamps, yet if it’s a smaller sideboard the lamps have a smaller base on them. You also want to pay attention to your lampshades which can be selected to provide a different color or shape.

Typically in a dining room you have overhead lighting, so when choosing a design, we suggest pulling the focus away from a big hutch. We can add more lighting somewhere in any room. When decorating with lamps, sometimes the lamps tend to be too small for where they’re placed, and sometimes they’re too big. If the lamp is pretty and cute but a little too small for an area, replace it with one that works better. Our expert Interior Designers can guide you through your selections!

If it’s a tall buffet lamp and if it is a narrow console, and if the lamp is also narrow, it will mimic the size of the console. If the shade is narrow, and if you have a small piece that you’re going to put up against the wall, you can’t do a round shape because it’s going to push the lamp away from the wall. Buffet lamps can accent a wall mirror or clock to make your look.

TIP 3: Style

At Sacksteder’s Interiors, we love lamps and have selections to go with any furniture or artwork. Lamps add their own type of art with their unique characteristics to match your style.

In the bedroom, it is best to have the same lamp on each side of the bed.
You can have lamps in every room. They create a beautiful ambiance to make us happy.
Start decorating today with new Buffet Lamps from Sacksteder’s Interiors!

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