Kitchen Lighting from Sacksteder’s Interiors Home Decor for Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio

KITCHEN LIGHTING from Sacksteder’s Interiors

Having adequate lighting in a kitchen is a must.

If you have a kitchen island, choose task lighting such as pendant lights. This makes your food preparation easier and a great place for guest buffets. You can also ask for under-cabinet lighting for the same purpose. It is best to choose either a diffused light source to avoid reflected glare on shiny countertops, or LED lighting for matte surfaces.

Another lighting design tip for kitchens is to incorporate recessed ceiling lights. Some examples of recessed lights that work in a kitchen are ones placed on either side of a range hood to frame the focal point of the room, or above open kitchen shelving.

DID YOU KNOW: A rule of thumb when it comes to recessed lights in any space is to install one for every 4-6 square feet of ceiling space. Also, make sure you install dimmers for recessed lights (or any light for that matter) so you can adjust the luminosity as desired.

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