Bedroom Lighting For Home Decor in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio

BEDROOM LIGHTING is a great way to enhance your comfy place. The best lighting tip for bedrooms is that you are not restricted to just one ceiling light fixture. There are a variety of bedroom lighting options that can create a warm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere for you. For example, if you don’t have a ceiling light fixture, you can opt for low-hanging pendant lights or sconces on either side of the bed.  If you already have a center light fixture yet still need more lighting, you can  add recessed lighting to the corners of a room to provide more light, yet leave focus on your center light fixture.

You can complement a beautiful ceiling light fixture with a pair of table lamps on each nightstand. Light symmetry works wonders in a bedroom. Incorporating a floor lamp for that cozy reading nook is also a great option, or adding a lamp to a dresser on the other side of the room. Choosing a three-way lamp will also give you the option of a lighter or darker look for  your room. Also consider light bulbs when lighting your room. There is a large array of light bulbs for several options in brightness such as soft white. In addition, you may be able to go brighter with a higher wattage lamp bulb if you are looking for more light.

One homeowner shared how they had a pair of lamps for a long time and wanted a change with a more contemporary look. Just replacing older lamps with new ones will make a huge difference in your bedroom. Enjoy looking through our Catalog for lamp and lighting options.

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