It Started With A Kitchen Redesign

“It all started with just wanting to remodel the kitchen, but now that the whole house is done, everybody seems to be happy.”

With most whole house redesign projects, it usually does start with one area of the home starting out as the main focus. The fresh new feel of a newly decorated space can be very inspiring. New found inspiration sparks ideas and can launch a fashion trend for the homeowner. Carrying along the creative flow throughout the rest of home anchors design depth and completeness. End result? Customer satisfaction!

Best Fine Homes

Recently, one of those simple kitchen projects turned into a whole home makeover. The project found its way into the prestigious publication Best Fine Homes. Sacksteder’s Interiors Interior Designer Beth Wess was the featured designer in the article. Beth worked closely with the home owner, along with her network of contractors, bringing this project to a close with sensational results.

Heart Of The Home Inspires A Home Redesign
Creative Flow Throughout the Spaces

Thank you Best Fine Homes for highlighting Beth’s Batesville, Indiana decorating project. This is definitely one for her to be very proud of!

Looking to redesign a space in your home? If trendy home fashion is at the heart of your project idea, Beth Wess can help you make it a reality. For more information about our interior design services give Beth a call.

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