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The sound of crashing waves, that warm coastal air and sunshine. It’s hard not to try and bring that feeling home with us, especially in the Midwest where the weather can sometimes be brutal. The beautiful sea is a reminder of the things that are truly important to us- to indulge and be mindful, and to cherish moments with the people we care about most. It’s no wonder blues and greens are commonly used in doctors’ offices and hospitals- it is inherently a calming hue. But often times, we see the effort in trying to recreate coastal vibes with the heavy use of coral pictures and rope-accented lamps and furniture…maybe even a surfboard wall hanging. Unless you actually live on the coast or have a lake house, this can quickly turn kitschy. Remember, you’re trying to evoke a mood, not create a beach movie set. So, lets break down some of the featured items listed above!

Incorporate lots of texture with natural fibers like linen and jute. The bleached jute rug above almost makes you feel like you’re stepping on sand!  Tie in various sandy shades with a linen pendant or lamp. Other natural fibers to look out for are sea-grass, hemp, and bamboo.

As an alternative to coral artwork, these seagulls are whimsical, but not overly beach-themed. Likewise, the chest above gives a subtle hint of waves. Finish with accessories in different shades of blues and greens to create depth, such as the aqua pillows and teal vases.  Finally, add complementary splashes of color with pillows, accessories, window treatments, and more! Coral and yellow hues pair nicely with cool tones.

Looking to paint in coordinating blues/greens? Here are a few great Sherwin Williams colors:

For more ideas on how to incorporate a coastal look in your home, visit one of our showrooms in Montgomery, Ohio and New Trenton, Indiana.



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