Easy Styling Tips for a Guest Bedroom

When a guest bedroom has that comfort-of-home feeling, it makes the experience of sleeping in someone else’s house all the better. So what exactly are those comforts? With just a few key elements, turn your guest bedroom into a space you’d love to welcome friends and family to stay.



Well, who doesn’t just love the feeling of a soft shag under their bare feet?


If you don’t have a dresser for your guests to put clothes in, a bench does wonders. It’s great for putting shoes on, propping a small suitcase, and laying small items out.


Surya Pillows

Pillows with a bright pattern or texture against a white duvet looks crisp and well-designed and is budget friendly. It’s an easy look to put together.



Guest bedroom

A mirror is a must, or a full length floor one is preferred. When you’re a guest, you don’t want to spend too much extra time in the bathroom- especially if you don’t have your own. This frees up room for other people to use the shared bathroom while your guest can do their make-up or hair in their bedroom.


Either for short mid-day naps, or your guest gets cold easily, a throw blanket adds a comforting mood.


Sacksteder's Interiors | Cincinnati | Buffet Table

On a nightstand or in empty corners of the room, add some fresh flowers, plants, or succulents. Greenery can make a room happier and more welcoming.

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