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More and more commercial designs are utilizing aspects of interiors we normally find at home. With comfortable seating, art, and accessories, they are employing that sense of community that a good living room should have. Research and studies have shown that businesses benefit from having a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, as opposed to sterile colors and lackluster decor.
commercial designs
commercial designs


Just because it’s an office, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with art. Save the still lifes and go with an uplifting canvas print such as this Dalmatian one. The mere representation of a fan blowing in this painting creates a nice distraction from whatever scary dental procedures you might undergo.
Dental office design 3



With just a fresh coat of paint and updated flooring and countertops, the bones of this space get a healthy dose of energy. Our designer, Beth Wess also added artwork and silk florals- made in house at our New Trenton store to complete the space. While these are just simple changes, it creates a visual experience that patrons can embrace, thus improving their overall interaction at the office.

The stonework forming the reception desk parallels the flooring, which creates rhythm and movement. These qualities create an “active” environment- which essentially makes people feel more aware of their surroundings. Rhythm also influences a natural traffic pattern because we don’t want to be confused on where to go in a business- great design allows for that to happen naturally.


dental office design 6


Sometimes we don’t notice how commercial designs affect our mood and the outcome of our engagements. Next time you’re in an office, hospital, hotel, etc., ask yourself how particular elements or structures make you feel. Be mindful of your surroundings. For example, is the layout easy to navigate? Is the lighting too obnoxious, or is there too little? What sensory systems are more acute? These questions will show whether design elements provided a more positive or negative impact during your visit.


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