From High Fashion to Fall Decor

A lot can be said of high fashion, color and fabric trends when considering the in’s and out’s of interior design trends. With an increasingly blurred line between these two worlds of representation, it’s no wonder high fashion so profoundly influences interior design, and vice versa. Straight from the runway, see how Sacksteder’s translates this year’s high fashion trends to your fall decor!

Inspired by mixed-media art and 1970s fashion, this playful piece is nothing shy of art itself. Bright colors are enhanced by the stark asymmetrical lines to create visual interest. Bring that dramatic, high contrast color palette to your home by hanging an artwork like this in an area you want to draw attention to, or use it to create a focal point where the structural elements are lacking in one.

Indigo and Violet Hues

Right now interior and fashion designers are in love with indigo! Exuding elegance without feeling ostentatious, it is so easily a favorite for the season. Similarly, rich hues of violet swarm the runway, adding cheer to the usually monochromatic palette of the colder months. Use it in small touches, such as accent pillows, or go bold with a rug, richly saturated in fuchsia and marsala. The rich, deeper shades will make the room feel more formal, while the lighter shades will create a playful mood. Combine them both to achieve the perfectly designed, mix-matched space!

Mixed Metals





Speaking of mixing and matching, throw out that stubborn, old faux pax. Matching metals are a thing of the past. In fact, it tends to make the space look too designed.  The key to achieving this look is scale and proportion. You of course don’t want to use every finish, because that would be too busy. Instead, think about creating a focal point- supporting the look of each piece. The pendant above has a large warm, wrought iron exterior with a smaller, gold interior. Since gold stands out more, it is proportionately smaller to it’s iron exterior. With regards to scale, don’t make one finish dominate the room- it should draw your attention, but not overwhelm you.

Touch of Fur













While oversized fur pieces have gone out of style, fur accents are effortlessly chic. Go a little lush with a fur accent rug, or glam up a rigid living space with fur accent pillows. Even small touches will make the room feel warm and cozy!














The 19th-century meets urban street style with this Neo-Victorian trend striking the runway. Neo-Victorian is not as ornate, but quite dramatic! Incorporate the trend into your home with minimal, modern lines and bold color. This simple mahogany chest is complemented by the modern, tufted chair and curvilinear lines of the rug. High contrast color combinations like red and stark white are an appealing nod to the 19th-century Victorian era.

How will you be using fall’s latest trends??

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