Modern Window Treatments in Cincinnati

When deciding on window treatments, various factors need to be considered- the type of fabric, style, size, source of light, function, and so on. While some of you brave DIY-ers will take on the task with ease, for others it may be in your best interest to seek professional help. Will it serve an aesthetic purpose only, or do you want them to filter light? Will it be used for privacy or to provide more insulation and warmth? At Sacksteder’s Interiors, these questions are essential when designing window treatments in Cincinnati.

Stationary Panels

Stationary panels such as these are decorative and do not open and close, but rather add warmth to the room. These panels help create a focal point and break up the negative space of the floor to ceiling windows. Raising the rod past the window trim emphasizes height, creating fluid vertical lines that open the space even more.

Source: Bernhardt
Source: Bernhardt


Upholstered Cornices 

Use upholstered cornices over panels where the space is small or the trim is too beautiful to hide. They visually move the eye upward, thereby making the room appear larger. Upholstered cornices are decorative and allows plenty of light to come through where natural light is best: in the kitchen.  True for most people and in many cultures, the kitchen tends to be the area everyone congregates, so task lighting is important! An important tip for cornices in the kitchen area are to keep it simple. Box-like designs are okay, but curved edges break up the typically linear lines of a kitchen.  Similar styles used are valances, balloon shades, and roman shades shown below, which are great for kitchen and dining, bathrooms, and home offices.

Source: Bernhardt
Source: Bernhardt


Draperies and Sheers

For the bedroom, add a combination of draperies and sheers to allow light to filter during the day, and block it out at night. Using double rods, you can layer a heavier weight fabric with a sheer one. The bedroom should feel like your sanctuary, a place to relax and wind down. This can be done so by layering fabrics with different textures to create a soothing atmosphere.

Source: Fabricut; Fabric Drapery: Critchfield-Blue Sheer: Tip Top-Cashmere
Fabricut; Drapery: Critchfield-Blue
Sheer: Tip Top-Cashmere


No Fussing Around 

Window treatments are meant to soften the lines of a room and create a welcoming energy while controlling temperature, reducing outside noise, and minimizing an echo in the room. Remember it doesn’t take much to achieve this, so keep it simple. Fussy styles can make the room feel cluttered and old-fashioned. Modern designs are also easy to maintain because there is less fabric for dust to collect. With so many patterns and styles to choose from, Sacksteder’s can help you put together a one-of-a-kind look!

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