Infuse Chic Farmhouse Style Into Your Home

The farm-to-table movement has spawned a chic vintage farmhouse style that’s permeating everything from wedding venues to boutiques to decorative accessories to furniture.

We’re seeing rustic elegance everywhere from the stores we frequent to popular shows on television. The style embodies a return to a simpler style and way of life.

If the mention of farmhouse brings images of horses, chickens and tractors to your head, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The new look of farmhouse style is a sophisticated rustic look with a bit of an edge to it.

The new farmhouse comes in two main flavors, an American farmhouse look epitomized by the Willow Bend Collection,  and a more romantic look  inspired by European farmhouse antiques.  Some of the newest pieces in the Sanctuary Collection by Hooker Furniture are a good example.

Even if you love this style, you may ask yourself, “How can I incorporate this look into my own home?” Luckily, the farmhouse style is easy to add to any existing style from modern to traditional!

The key is to view each farmhouse piece as an accent and not the main style of the room. Even though the piece is new, it gives the feel that you just picked it up at an antique shop, flea market or estate sale.

Farmhouse furniture pieces can look like an industrial accent when paired with a modern style. The clean lines and simply quality of the furniture are classy and chic. The warm wood tones and textures soften the modern style of a space without looking out of place.

The new dining chairs and trestle table from the Sanctuary Collection, above, add an upbeat design element to farmhouse style by taking a classic, nostalgic piece like the Windsor dining chair and updating it with a modern color palette.

If your style leans toward the traditional, the Willow Bend Collection feels like the addition of a vintage antique. Your newest purchase might look like your oldest. The warm tones will blend in easily with any style and color palette.

If you feel the farm-to-table style calling your name, start off one piece at a time. Some of these pieces look best when paired with crisp white walls and simple accessories.

One piece in each room or an entire collection will bring the look and feel of a simpler, relaxed and comfortable time to your home.

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