Tips For Decorating With Lamps

From luxurious living to rustic charm lamps are an essential in any room. Lamps play a functional and decorative role so you must consider size, shape, and style when choosing the right lamp. Sacksteder’s Interiors located in New Trenton, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio provides a wide selection of lamps for every room. Lamps are an important light source because they create needed task lighting and have a large impact on the overall look of your room. Photo from Uttermost

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Lamp Size

Being mindful of size and scale can help you choose a lamp that fits well in the your room. Take into consideration the size of the table where the lamp is being placed. You would not want to overwhelm a small table with a really large or wide based lamp. In the same manner you would not choose a small lamp to provide effective light on a large table or in a big space. Likewise the shade on the lamp should be one half to three fourths the size of the base insuring the hardware of the lamp is hidden. Photo from Uttermost

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Lamp Shape and Style

You can have great influence on the design of your room based on the shape and style of the lamp that you choose. Lamps that have slim bases with drum shaped shades are popular for creating a dramatic and modern look in a room. The slim base makes a statement and adds height without overpowering the space. A lamp with a cylindrical drum shade speaks to a sleek contemporary look. On the other hand choosing a tapered shade works in a more traditional space. Floor lamps are typically chosen over table lamps to light a dark corner or near a chair used for reading. The wide variety of lamps available gives you a simple avenue to interject needed design elements into a room. Texture, color, and pattern can be introduced through the lamp shade or the finish of the base. Changing up your lamps can be the finishing touch needed to complete your space. If your style leans toward a modern or industrial look find lamps that have a simple streamlined design with aged metal or wood accents. Photo from Uttermost

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Meanwhile having an opulent space demands a show of glamour. Choose lamps with a mirrored or lacquer finish to showcase your luxurious lifestyle. Photo from Uttermost

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Cottage style is usually a reflection of comfort found through the use of organic elements from nature and soft colors. Look for lamps that incorporate those soft subtle textures to provide a welcoming feel. Photos from Style Craft

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If you are going for vintage or french inspired charm use lamps with layers of texture and soft billowy fabrics. Distressed finishes and glittering accents are well suited for vintage charm. Photos from Style Craft

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