Bedside Lamps in Cincinnati Ohio

For unique bedside lamps in Cincinnati Ohio, stop by Sacksteder’s Interiors!  Bedside lamps offer a great addition to any bedroom.  You will find the perfect lamp for your bedside table at Sacksteder’s Interiors.

bedside lamps in Cincinnati Ohio
Bernhardt Furniture – Jet Set Collection


Adding Functional and Accent Lights In The Bedroom

Lights and lamps in the bedroom typically have two functions: to add ambiance and create drama and to give light for nighttime reading and other activities.  You can see from the picture above that bedside lamps in Cincinnati can help a room look elegant and amazing, like this bedroom collection from Bernhardt Furniture.

Cincinnati Bedside lamps
Hooker Furniture

Do Bedside Lamps Always Come In Pairs?

Cincinnati bedside lamps can come single or in pairs.  If you are decorating a room for a single occupant than you really only need one bedside lamp.  Most bedrooms have larger beds and look more balanced with matching bedside tables and a pair of bedside lamps.  If you’re decorating the bedroom for two people, having separate lighting allows for personal choice and some autonomy in the bedroom.

bedside tables
Hooker Furniture Tynecastle Collection

Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Copper or a Combination

Bedside lamps come dressed in many materials.  Finding the right mix for your bedroom is the key.  Glass lamps come clear and in many colors to create a unique look as the light plays and bends through the glass and out the other side.  Metals or wood allow you to add texture to your room and often work well too.  Ceramic lamps offer a larger selection of designs and upscale artistic accents that are stunning.

bedside lamps in Cincinnati Ohio
Hooker Furniture – Abbott Place Collection

Decorating with Bedside Lamps in Cincinnati Ohio

If you are decorating your bedroom and looking for unique bedside lamps and other bedroom accessories you will enjoy a visit to Sacksteder’s Interiors!  We have interior designers on hand to help with your selection if you’re unsure what to pick.  We can also help you design a custom bedroom suite that will create the comfort and elegance you desire.  Decorating your home with Sacksteder’s Interiors is a great way to create your personal space and give your home the touch only an experienced interior decorator can achieve.  Call or stop by Sacksteder’s Interiors and see our complete line of interior decorations, including our amazing bedside lamps!

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