Unique Living Room Tables

The endless sea of choices for living room tables can be a daunting task. Yet making that choice is usually the finishing touch that anchors all the pieces in the room. Luckily Sacksteder’s Interiors located in New Trenton, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio is ready to help you bring your living room to completion! Representatives at Sacksteder’s Interiors have three large showrooms to walk you through and provide guidance on the options that will best fit your room. You will find many high quality living room tables from Hooker Furniture, Bernhardt Furniture, Hammery, and Riverside.

Living Room Tables in Cincinnati


Should you go with a table that is round, square, wood, glass, or metal the possibilities seem endless! Where do you start? Begin with a budget and select a company that has appealing style options at a price you can afford.

Shape and Size

Next consider the space you have for a coffee table and the shape that would fit best in that space. Do you have children or pets that might demand the need for a rounded table? Leaving 30 inches of walkway space between the television console and coffee table creates a comfortable pathway. The ideal space between the sofa and coffee table is 18 inches creating a manageable reach for guests. The height of the coffee table should be 1-2 inches from the seat of the sofa to achieve appropriate scale in the room. Photos from Hooker Furniture.

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Functionality and Material

It is important to note how frequently the living room table will be used or if the purpose is more decorative. Everyday use might demand a need for storage and sturdy construction to accommodate food and drinks. Take some notes from the rest of the room when determining material. If the room is modern you may go with a streamlined metal and glass look whereas a casual room may require a rustic wood finish. The scale of the furniture may also determine the material needed. For instance you would not pair a large overstuffed sofa with a small glass table. A sturdy wood living room table would pair better with a large overstuffed sofa. Photos from Bernhardt Furniture.

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