Light Up Your Home



The moment you walk into a house, when does the definition of a house suddenly become home? Is it when the smell of home made lasagna comes wafting from the kitchen? Could it be the magazines and books that are displayed on tables and bookshelves with broken binders, letting you know they have been passed around for the reading enjoyment of all who enter? Do the smiles of faces in pictures give account for cherished moments, conveying a message to admirers the adventures that were shared through the images they depict?

If your answer is all of the above, you are right! What defines the difference between a house and a home can be delineated by what we surround ourselves with. What is seen in our home tells a story about our lives. The experiences we have shared can be found in the collections we keep, the heirlooms we proudly display, along with the beautiful furnishings and accessories we place throughout our living spaces.


Most will say that the process of decorating is a family affair, thus adding to the deeper meaning of home. Being a family owned business, Sacksteder’s Interiors understands the importance of bringing our home to yours. Lighting up your home with opulent Uttermost mirrors, exquisite lighting and decadent accessories that sparkle and shine, is like illuminating your surroundings with the beauty of the holidays … all year round!

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