Reflection of Your Heart













A mirror; whether displayed in a grouping or on a dressing table, will convey a message through the images that are captured within the frame. With the process of time, our homes start to capture a reflection of who we are, just like the mirror tells its own story, the surroundings in our home will render the same.

Singled out by each and every object, each and every piece of furniture, an attachment to a specific place and time becomes our bond. Enveloping ourselves with items that have found intrinsic value; creates depth with our design project, it becomes the building blocks that help us design a home from within.


Creating the right look and feel that draws on our desire for comfort can be a matter of exploring the right options and ideas together. Finding sources and discussing plans as a family suddenly becomes more than a design project, it becomes a shared adventure. Picking and choosing the right combination creates bonding moments that will be shared through the treasures in our surroundings.

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