End of Summer Design Trends

End of summer interior design trends will excite your creativity. Leaving behind safe beige and neutral colors lends itself to expressions of your taste and style that are daring and bold. From vintage to modern classic, you will find you can enjoy a little bit of old mixed in with the new, all done tastefully and with style. Here are some of our top sellers and other items that display some of the more exciting end of summer interior design trends.

Natural Elements

This summer we have seen a move to bringing the outdoors in. That might include turning your room into a garden sanctuary complete with foliage and outdoor furniture. It also includes bringing in elements of the great outdoors, such as this Teak root glass top lamp table or these lovely boxwoods from our best sellers list.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.38.03 AM

Tropical designs are very popular with tribal elements and prints. Included in the new tropical are the traditional blues and greens but also more zesty colors like orange and yellow. Add a few exotic prints and accessories and you’re right on trend with summer 2014. These popular wall accessories show the contrasting elements of metal and linen and wood all combined together to give you a mix of textures and feel.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.38.08 AM


Velvet, Animal Prints and Dark Grey and White

You may not see what all three of the above design elements have to do with each other. Yes, alone, velvet is back in purple and blue and in everything from curtains to couches. Animal print fabric is also in style. Grey this season is showing up in darker shades and contrasted with white. So, how do we blend all these together? These three are combined, delightfully in some of our best sellers, like this cushioned table or this accent chair.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 7.38.13 AM

This table with Aqua blue finish on solid, plantation grown mango wood with cushioned seat in plush, dark chocolate and milky white velvet not only captures the look of animal print and the feel of velvet, but it also gives us a pop of color which is so popular today. This piece is so fun, because it doesn’t overpower an area or add too much. When you’re adding the bright primary colors showing up in our end of summer interior design trends, you don’t want to over-do it. Using one pop color and mixing it with warmer shades and neutrals often is the right mix.

This accent chair has a curvy, exposed hardwood frame in an aged, bone-white finish, that separates the dark chocolate and milky white velvet outer from the soft, neutral linen box cushion and tufted inside back. It is a fun chair that also displays the contrasting colors, velvet and animal-like print along with the trend to mix textures in one piece.

Vintage Looks For 2014

Made from plantation-grown mango wood with honey-stained mindi veneer, hand painted in warm oatmeal with heavy distressing this piece is an example of the vintage look that is popular in our end of summer interior design trends. Notice the light wood coloring we are seeing trend this year. Stains in distressed artisan designs are also showing up everywhere from wall art to fine furniture.

This table is especially appealing. It brings back memories of my grandmother’s home in Indiana. I love the scrolled wood bottom and detail. This is an elegant piece that captures the vintage look that works with our modern classic era. Whether it’s an old grandfather clock or an elegant table that was your grandmothers, in today’s modern classic style, you can mix and match vintage pieces with modern and arrive at an interior look that is all your own.

End of Summer Interior Design Trends

When it comes to interior design trends this summer, we are seeing the shift continue from traditional interior design style categories to more a mixture of what appeals to you and what you like. Although not everyone is excited about velvet or animal prints, I think everyone is glad to see some colors return and some of the more interesting pieces of furniture added. So, enjoy the end of summer and don’t forget to bring a little of the sunshine back inside. Happy decorating!

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