Transitioning Your Wreath


Wreaths make an excellent fall ornament for your door or can be used to decorate a wall. In fact, they are so versatile; you can use the same wreath and repurpose it for whatever season or holiday you want. Here are a few suggestions followed by some simple steps to show how easy it is to turn your fall wreath into a Christmas wreath.

wreathChoose The Right Wreath Base

When you are choosing your fall decorations, it might be a good idea to choose a wreath that you can repurpose in the future. Wreaths that are made of greenery or grape vines like the one in the picture can be reused for the holiday season with little or no trouble. Wreaths made of orange and yellow leaves, however, may be a little harder to transform into Christmas wreaths.

Choose Decorations You Like

You also can plan ahead if you have a certain theme you like or a particular decoration that is unique to you. Some people are known by a certain decoration they always lean towards. My mom for example like birds and when I see one, I think of her. Ladybugs on the other hand, make me think of my niece. If you have an item that says “you” that may be what you want on your wreath. This is an item that could stay with the wreath and be decorated around for each season or holiday

Start With the Wreath You Have

The first thing you need to do, is look at your wreath and determine what part says fall. Remove any fall type decorations like corn or wheat and dried leaves. This should leave you with a bare wreath or maybe just a few ornaments that you like and feel would compliment your Christmas wreath. Items like birds or red berries for example might be left on the wreath for another season of enjoyment.

fall wreathDesign Your Wreath For Christmas

Look through your craft box or go to any craft store or home goods store where they sell Christmas decorations and you will be able to find a few items that would look cute on your wreath. One idea is to take a few Christmas lights or ornaments and attach them to wire. Group them together with floral tape or masking tape and then attach them to the wreath with wire. It doesn’t take much to change the color from fall colors like oranges and yellows to Christmas colors of red, green and gold.

fall decorationsBe Creative

Decorative wreaths come in all shapes and sizes. You can decorate them with tons of ornaments or just a few delicately placed ornaments. There really isn’t a right way to decorate your wreath so gather your ornaments, add some ribbon or florals if you like and enjoy creating a unique wreath that is all your own.

Don’t have time, energy or the skills to create your own wreath. We don’t believe you, but we will be happy to help. Call Sacksteder’s Interiors and order a fall wreath or Christmas wreath designed exclusively for you.

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