As a Cincinnati Interior Designer, I can tell you that designing and decorating your foyer or entry way is one of the most important areas in your house.  Whether you have a small area to work with or a large open area, your entry way is the first impression you give to your guests and helps to welcome them into your home.  Here are a few tips to help you create a wonderful, welcoming look:

Is Your Foyer Separate or Continual?

If your foyer is open to the rest of the house, it should set the stage for the décor of the house and provide a continual flow into the house.  You might get away with painting a wall for your art or adding a few bold colors but for the most part, you’re locked into the style of the rest of your home.

Some foyers or entry ways are separate from the house.  These tend to be more fun to decorate because you’re at liberty to do something entirely different.  Adding bold or dark colors can add depth to the space.  You can also decorate this area in an entirely different style than the rest of the house if you want.  Some rooms allow for you to not only to, welcome your guests, but add space for other needs like a game area, seating area or writing desk.

Start With the Furnishings

When you consider decorating your foyer a Cincinnati Interior designer would start with a focal point or interesting piece of furniture.  You may find an interesting drop leaf table or round table or maybe a unique bench.  Having an area to hide shoes or a coat is also helpful if you don’t have an entry way closet.  Your furniture should be impressive but not too big to be overpowering.  Many larger homes can handle a round table in the center of the room to break up the space and add interest.  Smaller foyers dictate placing the furniture against the walls to leave a walkway.  Once you place your furnishings, you can begin decorating the area around them.

Unique Accessories

There are many accessories that are typically seen in the foyer.  You may include a mirror that allows you one last look before you leave and your guests one look before they enter the house.  You may also want a coat rack or umbrella stand.  As an interior designer in Cincinnati, I like to include other interesting accessories and naturally intriguing accessories and artwork to the area.  If you have a special collection, the foyer is a great place to show it off.  Sometimes your collection can also be the theme of the foyer.  You can add a unique floral arrangement to the table, picking the right shape to highlight the high ceiling or other architectural layout.

Rugs are also an important part of your foyer.  Having a place to wipe your feet before you enter is important and also gives you another way to flaunt your style and personality. Chairs for your guests are another option.  You can either place a chair in the area or add pillows to your bench for a comfortable look.  Don’t forget the lighting either, having a well-lit foyer is important to you and your guests at night.

Hiring a Cincinnati Interior Designer

If you are looking for unique items and furniture for your foyer, Sacksteder’s Interiors is the place to go for interesting accessories and impressive furniture.  They also offer services for an interior designer in Cincinnati to help you make the most of your space.  If you have any questions about decorating your foyer or other rooms in your house, please stop by or call Sacksteder’s Interiors.

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