Accent Chairs in Cincinnati Ohio


When you’re designing your home with accent chairs in Cincinnati Ohio, you want to make sure your chairs are signature pieces that add a pop of pizzazz to your home.  They should speak loudly and show off your personality with bold colors, textures or style.  Accent chairs aren’t supposed to blend in; they are supposed to add a whimsical touch of color or change to lighten up your room’s demure atmosphere. These fun animal print chairs are great examples:

Zoey Accent Chair by Hooker Furniture 

Brooke Accent Chair by Hooker Furniture

Adding Color with Accent Chairs

Accent chairs in Cincinnati Ohio are a great way to add color to your room.  They can be used in living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and yes, even bathrooms.  An accent chair can add a bright complement to a primarily neutral area that will freshen the space and lighten up the room.   Accent chairs are versatile, you decide if you want a warm and comfy seat or a seat primarily for its eclectic looks.

Abbey Armless Chair by Bernhardt

Choosing An Accent Chair In Cincinnati Ohio

When you decide to add a few accent pieces, a chair can be both a decorative statement and a functional element.  It is great when you can choose a piece that will go not only with your designs today and the popular trends of this year but also be an heirloom piece you will be using and designing with for a long time.  Choosing an accent chair in Cincinnati Ohio like the ones above is a perfect example.  These chairs are made of quality wood and construction that will withstand the toughest environments but they are also easily updated.  You can add a new pillow of your current color choice.  Change the seat cushion for a holiday design or mix and match colors on the top and bottom to be a custom piece to be seen and taken notice of.

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Alexandra Chair by Bernhardt

At Sacksteder’s we are pleased to be able to offer you quality furniture and accessories.  Our accent chairs come from the leading manufacturers in fine furniture.  We can help you find that perfect piece that will please you each time you walk into your room.  Stop by Sacksteder’s Interiors’ new location at 9797 Montgomery Road and see our unique selection of Cincinnati Ohio accent chairs.  We look forward to helping you turn your home into a designer masterpiece.


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