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Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Artist Credit: Scott Gustufson

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair.” growled Papa Bear.

This familiar excerpt was taken from the beloved child’s bedtime story, “Goldie Locks and The Three Bears,” which was originally written by Robert Southey and was anonymously published in 1837 as “The Three Bears.”

This age old classic story  tells of a sweet  young girl who enters the home of three bears while they are away and decides to eat their food, test out the coziness of their chairs and then falls asleep in the Baby Bear’s bed.

Who has been sitting in my chair? Photo credit:

For those of us who have come to know and love the fairy tale, we recall how Goldie didn’t like Papa or Mama Bear’s personal choice of comfort in home furnishings.  She considered Papa’s chair and bed to be too hard and Mama Bear’s to be too soft, while Baby Bear had the perfect fit to satisfy her own personal taste.

But for the Papa Bear in most of our lives, chances are that, under his strong manly exterior lies a big softie who desires nothing but comfort when it comes to his favored place of rest or man cave.  Most likely, his preference will fall somewhere between the taste of Papa and Mama Bear, making his personal choice even suitable for Goldie Locks… just right!

The Cambridge 3-Way Lounger which can be special ordered through Sacksteder’s Interiors!

The month of June, the time we celebrate fathers, provides a host of opportunities to let your papa know how much you love and appreciate him for all that he does.

Wrapping him in comfort and upgrading his “castle” with the perfect “throne” by using the Cambridge 3-Way Lounger Leather Recliner from Bradington Young adds masculine charm with a bold look, while maintaining all the softness that dad deserves.

The Bosworth Varitilt Chair- Another great piece of funiture that can be special ordered through Sacksteder’s Interiors 

The Bosworth 8-Way Hand Tied Varitilt Chair offers the same volume of comfort and sophistication, providing the man of the house a handsome source for rest and relaxation.


Photo Credit:

Most of us can remember as children what a privilege it was to get to sit in dad’s chair. While father was working or away, being able to enjoy the most comfortable seat in the house played such a delightful part of being a child.

Once dad was home, you knew the privilege was over for the time being. Then excitement would come rushing in, knowing your turn to enjoy the pleasure of sitting in his favorite chair would soon come again.

Executive Swivel Tilt Chair by Bradington-Young

Strength and security were in mind with the design of the Executive Swivel Tilt Chairby Bradington Young.

When dad works from home, providing him with an office chair that cradles him throughout the day with luxury can help take the stress out of his busy day. Being able to lean back and rock a few cares away will become a new-found pleasure for him with this attractive office chair.

Reid sectional by Bradington-Young

When it is time to celebrate dad and bring the family together to reminisce with dad stories, the Reid Sectional by Bradington Young will draw in your brood for “cozy up” quality time spent with papa!

Photo credit

So whether you are taking dear old dad out fishing or to his favorite place for breakfast during the month of June in which we celebrate fathers, don’t forget dad’s need for some R & R, and consider some of these great ideas for what could become the next most comfortable chair in the house. Who knows … you may just find some of that childlike anticipation for sitting in his adored chair again … every chance you get!

Sacksteder’s Interiors has a wonderful selection of things to help create those places of pure comfort for dad. You can find everything from sofas to recliners, masculine decor to office furniture. We even sell barstools for the man cave! Let us help you celebrate dad this June with comfort and quality!

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