Design Trends in Cincinnati

2014 is well underway and we have begun to see what interior design trends in Cincinnati Ohio look like.  You can play it safe on the traditional side or splash it up with new fabrics and exotic accessories, but either way this years trends give you more room to be yourself and pick the objects that make you shine.

New Fabric Choices

Besides the traditional fabrics, linens and cotton, there is a trend toward the heavier fabrics, especially in today’s sofas and loveseats.  Velvet and Corduroy are in style mixed with other fabrics and prints.   Today’s interiors are all about layering and mixing and matching textures throughout the room.

Besides the heavier fabric, floral fabrics and designs are showing up all over.  You can add a bright splash of color with a floral upholstered chair or choose one that is more muted.

Fabric colors are changing somewhat this year as people move from the traditional beige and earth tones to navy blue and violet.  As before, having a base hue to work from allows you to change the colors up with your accents and accessories.  Navy blue is a popular choice, because it works well with so many other colors.

One Cincinnati interior design trend that is popping up everywhere is including cowhide in the textile options.  You will see other hides too, but don’t worry, care has been taken to make sure animals aren’t killed for their skin.  You will see animal fur this year on chairs, tables and cushions.  This is sure to catch on as the desire to be exotic melts into the desire for natural things.

Textures, New and Old

Brass is a continuing trend this year.  It can either be tantalizing or tacky depending on the piece, so be careful to pick quality merchandise.    You will see brass showing up on lamp stands, fine art and other ornamental art.  Other metals are just as popular and with the trend toward layering, mixing up the metals, gold and silver is equally acceptable.  Throw in some wood and fabric and your catching what’s popular with the interior design trends in Cincinnati Ohio.

There are many modern takes on classic chintz and toile that make accessorizing your home a delight.  The trick is to be creative and look for interesting pieces.  Unique items are all the rage.  Choose the unusual, things that have your guests wondering where you shop.  Exotic ethnic pieces fit well in this category and add a creative pizzazz to your interior design.

Extravagant Interior Design Trends in Cincinnati Ohio

Move over boring white walls and make room for Blue, everything from powder blue to aqua.  In fact blue is taking over quite a bit.  Also splashes of color, bright and buoyant are mixed with muted backgrounds to lighten up a room and add some character.

Black and white has been muted down some to shades a little more subtle.  Leaving the stark contrast behind.

Daring designer walls will speak volumes in dark colors amidst metallic accessories.  Gray large patterns replace the white we’re use to seeing.  It’s all about glamor and creating a mood.  Each element is in place and designed to make a statement.

The great thing about interior design trends in Cincinnati Ohio is that we are no longer bound to one particular style but more of a, ” everything goes” feel.  Instead of sticking to all vintage or all country people are picking pieces that have sentiment or create a mood.   Looking for that special something?  Or need help with your interior design? Let one of our interior design consultants work with you to make your home a masterpiece.  Call Sacksteder’s Interiors at (513) 791-5022 or in New Trenton, Indiana call (812) 637-1422

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