Creative Corners By Interior Designers

Interior designers in Mason Ohio as well as other parts of the nation are often faced with the question, “What do I do with the corner?”  Creating captivating corners can be a fun project that will delight you when you’re done.    What you put in the corner will be determined by what is important to you and how you want to use the space.    Most of the time facing furniture outward is the best idea but in some cases, you will want to create a private zone and face the furniture toward the corner.

Small Tables, Desks, or Shelves

You can add interest to any room by displaying something eye-catching in the corner.  You can set up a small table and place a unique floral design on top or an electrifying lamp.  Maybe you need the table to be more functional.  Adding a small writing desk to a corner can provide you with a small space to collect your thoughts or look through your mail.

Shelves look great in corners too.  Having display shelves to hold your favorite collections, china or pictures of the kids are all great ideas.  Small wood cabinets can also add interest and storage space to your room.  Maybe you inherited a large grandfather clock.  That would look great in a corner of your living room!

Sitting Chairs, High Back Chairs and Upholstered Chairs

Creating a sitting area in a large corner can add a cozy feel to your room.  Often high back chairs work great in corners because they are tall and would block the view in other areas of the house.  You might find placing two high back chairs in the corner with a small table in front to be a excellent way to use the space.  A rug on the floor might tie the area together and create the space your looking for.

Uniquely upholstered chairs can add color and fun to your room.  Small sitting chairs work great in the bedroom where they can be used when dressing.   Using an upholstered chair can always liven up your room and provide extra seating when you need it.

Unusual Ideas From Your Interior Designers in Mason Ohio

I hope this article has inspired some ideas of your own.  There are endless options for creating a corner you will love.   Corners aren’t just empty space to collect clutter.  They are small nooks that can be interesting and useful.

You can turn a corner into a small game area by adding a table with a checkerboard on top.  If you have small children, maybe a small toy box and rug will do the trick to create a small play area in an out of the way area of the room.

I’ve always wanted a freestanding fireplace.  Today fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be easy to install and they add a comfortable touch to any room.

With a little help from a contractor, you can be creative and add a corner window for a breakfast area.  If you have a nice view a window can add openness to your living space and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Don’t settle for boring, get creative and use your corner to create a fabulous space.  Need help?  Sacksteder’s Interiors has furniture and interior designers in Mason Ohio to help with all your decorating dilemmas including those crazy corners.

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