WALL MIRRORS, Decorative Mirrors and Round Mirrors

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Not as much as you may think. Straight bevels are cut and polished using current technology at a modest cost. Most shaped beveled mirrors require much more labor because they are cut and polished one at a time by hand. The wider the bevel, the more costly it is to produce. Uttermost mirror bevels are wider than most, and we consider the enhanced look and value well worth any additional cost.

What is the difference between a carved wood mirror frame and a moulded polyurethane frame?

Mostly the price. With today’s technology, a solid core polyurethane frame feels and looks like wood. It lasts just as long as wood and absorbs a finish just like wood. Most Uttermost frames are wood except for the more ornate frames which would have to be hand carved if crafted in wood. On these ornate frames, we use the latest technology in making our polyurethane frames as well as the richest hand finishes possible. The other type of frame construction we use frequently is metal, either wrought iron or hand forged steel.

Floor Mirrors are every girls dream before she heads out the door!

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Have you ever realized designing interiors with floor mirrors are a great way to take up space that is too narrow for a piece of furniture. Tall mirrors lengthen the the rooms appearance while captivating light. Try a trendy design with an unusual floor mirror at the end of a hallway.

Mirrors and Lamps are a match made in the interior design handbook.

I enjoy designing with all shapes and compositions of mirror frames. Wood mirrors, round mirrors, unusual shaped mirrors,transitional and contemporary mirrors. When you think about it, how many mirrors are in your home in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I have a mirror in almost every room of my home. they are so decorative and trendy decor for your  interior design for any room. One of the new mirror trends that are displayed in design showrooms are a grouping of 5 to 6 mirrors on one wall. The mirrors might have the same shape and frame, yet with a different finish for flair. Please stop by our interior design showroom at 9797 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, Ohio just outside the Cincinnati, Ohio city limits. We are located near Kenwood mall. Our retail interior design space is 3,200 sq ft of furniture, mirrors, lamps, accessories, permanent botanical flower arrangements, gifts, all interior design items you need for your home.

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