Affordable and Trendy Chandeliers

How do I pick the correctly sized chandelier for my dining room table?

The simplest way to choose the correct size is to choose a chandelier with a diameter equal to ½ (one-half) the width of your table. For example: if your table is 62” in diameter then choose a chandelier that is no more than 31” in diameter. It is best to go a bit smaller than a bit larger if needed but sticking close to the formula will give you a balanced look.

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How high above a table should the chandelier be hung?

The chandelier should be hung so that the bottom of the fixture is between 30” to 32” above the tabletop. Finishing off a lighting design with a one these chandeliers would be a fantastic design choice. The first chandelier is designed with Burnished Gold Metal With Golden Teak Crystal Leaves And A Silken Champagne Sheer Fabric Shade. What a classic. I will have this one on display at our home decor location at 9797 Montgomery road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. The second one has been designed with rows of crystal beads that fill the channels of the narrow ribs, and bouquets of the same cut crystals spill over the edges, their rich unique color catching the light in both the prisms and also in the beading. Our designers can have this decor product dropped ship to your home within 10 days.


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How do I choose the right size chandelier or light fixture for a room without a dining table?

To determine what size of a chandelier would fit best in any room use this simple formula. Simply add the room dimensions together. For example, if your foyer is 12′ by 16,’ add 12 + 16 = 28. The proper size chandelier for this foyer would be 28″ in diameter. If your room dimensions were 8’ by 10’, your maximum diameter would be 18”.

What trendy styles are in the Cincinnati Interior Design Showrooms or that can be ordered?

Our lighting selection of lamps have coordinating mirrors and accessories for you home decor project. Lighting is a fun way to bring style to an existing dining room accompanied by artwork, mirror, accessories and a custom silk floral  permanent botanical for the center of the table. Contemporary Nickel metal abstract designs are very trendy that encase a stretched lining of Silver Champagne Fabric. This is a very chic. The pendants are nice lighting compliment to many interior design areas for your home decor.

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How do I clean my lamp or light fixture?
Lamp bases or shades can be cleaned or dusted with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Be careful not to use abrasives…they may damage the finish. Glass can be removed and washed with soap and water. We do not recommend using cleaning solutions.

Make sure to stop and see our windows full of lamps that express lighting with style for your interior design transitional home. Our interior designers can help you at both locations in Cincinnati, Ohio on Montgomery road 45242 and also at the Brookville Indiana exit on 52 west New Trenton, In 47035.  Call our interior designers for a home consultation today.

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