Coffee Table Design Trends in Cincinnati

Coffee table or Cocktail table, that is the question for this article. What I could see that the coffee table was introduced in the late 1860’s in Britain and the reproduced and sold throughout the country. I know that I have always enjoyed designing with some unusual coffee tables with our projects. The variety of styles and price are all to be considered while selecting your favorite design.

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A coffee table, which is also known as cocktail table, is a long, low desk, specially designed to be placed in front of a sofa. The table is useful in supporting beverages such as coffee and hence the name. The design choices for coffee tables in endless. Round coffee table are a great interior design choice for busy living rooms. The size of the table is also very important when designing your living room space. Glass top coffee tables are great for the living room that is small on space. The interior space planning for you home decor is very important in the living room design.



The coffee table is also used for keeping books, magazines and other necessary supplies, which are used while occupying the sofa. It is usually paired with the couch and mostly seen in the living area of a house.Close this window

The coffee table became widely popular in the late 19th century. After its launch in the market, people realized its utility and soon the coffee tables became commonplace and were seen in almost every living room. as you can see the variety of interior design of the coffee table is traditional, transitional, urban, eclectic, natural driftwood tables have made their debut into the best interior design projects in Cincinnati, Ohio.The furnishings offered by Design Accents are designed with a great respect for tradition while being trendy and modern. The fusion is created by choosing traditional techniques to make very contemporary design concepts. The collection is designed to suit a vast range of customers – from informal, trendy to classic, elegant, formal and luxurious. Coffee table designs can create the special interior space that your family is looking for to complete your room.

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The storage ottoman is great for hiding blankets, games and magazines. The less clutter on the ottoman the better. I often suggest a tray to be used on the ottoman for drinks and snacks. Decorating the top of a cocktail table can be fun. Some design suggestions are a silk flower arrangement or a combination of 3 items as a cluster.

Please stop at our design showroom to see our living room design trends for your furniture cocktail tables in Cincinnati,Ohio Our signature silk floral arrangements are beautifully custom made for our design projects. We offer silk designs that are botanical in color. please visit our new location for late February 2014 at 9797 Montgomery Road Cincinnati , Ohio 45242 We are very excited about being back in Montgomery with our furniture, accessories, lamps, mirrors and interior design service. Sacksteder’s Interiors, We cant wait!

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