Decorating with Designer Clocks

Time for Time in Cincinnati, Ohio with designer clocks.

I remember getting my first Timex watch for Christmas when I was 5, that was big stuff back then. The responsibilities that was to follow was quiet amazing when you think about it.    TIME… I had to learn to tell Time.  I had to learn to be on Time. I had to learn to finish a job in a Timely fashion.  I had to wind my watch, so I would be on Time.  I was only 5, now I am watching Time go by.  Here I am 50 years later with a phone with the Time, an alarm and a calendar that is with me all the Time.  I guess that explains why I Love to Sell Time. Interior design ideas using different shape clocks can bring interest to the decor of your home. Designer clocks are not always round. The decorator clocks also display a variety of faces and numerals in different shapes

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So I guess we will always need to keep time, so we might as well show great style in our homes.

Table Clocks ShyamChouteau Mantel ClockRustic Armillary ClockWristwatch Alarm Round Aureole

I have enjoyed sharing my Time with you today. If you ever need our Interior Design Team, We will always have Time for you in the Cincinnati Area. Interior design trends and design tips for you home decor is a passion for our interior designers to share with you for the New Year 2014.

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Is my clock ready for use after installing the batteries?
In some cases, the hands will require slight adjustment before using. Make sure that the hands do not touch. If they do touch, gently bend the hands away from each other until you are sure that they are no longer touching. On pendulum clocks, make sure that the pendulum arm swings freely. You are now ready to use your Uttermost clock. Please stop by and see our designer clocks for your home decor needs at our new location at 9797 Montgomery road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. We will be opening our new design showroom at the end of February 2014. We are very excited to be back in Montgomery, Ohio.

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