5 Projects for Thanksgiving

Everyone can agree on one thing. That although maybe all of our relatives can be a little quirky at times they are always welcome in our house for Thanksgiving Dinner! While getting your house ready for all of your guests can seem almost insurmountable and almost as grand of an operation as the dinner itself, it surely doesn’t have to be so costly. Below is a list of a few interior decorating and design projects that will help you prepare your setting for all of your family and friends this Thanksgiving!


Bathroom Items

We always forget that while most of the socializing is done in both the kitchen and the dining room on Thanksgiving the bathroom is actually used far more! That being said, why would you ever let guests into your home if you don’t have a nicely decorated bathroom? Simple additions like nice, classy soap dispensers, brand new toilet seats and matching fabric on your rugs and towels are the perfect way to make your home feel even more welcoming this Thanksgiving.

Photos, Photos, Photos

Photos are a real reminder to us of experiences and our loved one. We hang them and look at them because it stirs fond emotions in us to think about them and the experiences we have had with them. Hanging photos of all of your guests around your home will make them feel truly loved and cared for in addition to reminding them of the amazing kind of eye for design you have.

Window Treatments

We all love the openness of big windows. The kind of warmth we feel from the sun in the day, the kind of expansive largeness we feel when sitting at home with large windows all around us but once night falls all of that may go away but the beauty doesn’t have to. With high quality specifically chosen window treatments you can make your house look so classy and elegant in addition to cutting down on your heat bill.


We don’t realize it often but when we invite a large amount of guests into our home, our floors get a lot of traffic and also a lot of wear and tear. The best way to protect your floors in an elegant manner is with lots of area rugs and throw rugs. Rugs can help tie rooms together, add some extra color to your home and they will undoubtedly help protect your floors this holiday season.

Coat Rack

Thanksgiving isn’t in July, it’s it November. This means people are always bundled up with coats, hats and scarves. This means the more people you have in your home this Thanksgiving, the more room you are going to need to storage of coats and other personal items. There is no reason to make your guests toss their jackets on the floor when for a just a few dollars and a little bit of time you can design your own perfect coat rack.

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