Design Ideas: Unique Wall Decor

By London Hampshire

There are times that we walk into a store and find a great piece of art that would look absolutely perfect in our homes.   But then we take a peek at that price tag and… YIKES. Not going to happen today!  So, the alternative is to create your own.  Let’s face it, most of us aren’t every day Da Vinci’s or Monet’s.  Even if we see ideas online or on Pinterest, they may be kind of difficult to carry out.  However, some ideas require small, simple talents like shopping smart and using a hammer and nails.  These unique and clever ideas for the walls in your home or office can add flair and style to your space without breaking your bank.


Antique Plates

Traditional Kitchen by Alison Spear in Dutchess County, New York              

Going to small home stores or antique stores can help achieve the look above.  On the left, Alison Spear uses bright white plates to contrast with the dark grey in her kitchen, making her creation really stand out.  On the right, plates were bought from Goodwill and spray painted white before mounted on the wall.  This idea is great because the plates don’t have to match in shape, color or size.  If you have some plates on hand (maybe the stack of china that was passed down to you by your grandmother? I bet they’re wrapped in paper and are currently gathering dust in the basement), pull them out and start assembling!  

For the best results, measure the area that you want to hang them in.  Then use painter’s tape to measure out the same area on a tile and wood floor.  In that area, you can then start moving plates around to find what look works best for you.  Once you have your design, start transferring your plates from floor to wall.


Window Dressings

diy wall art      

Like the plates, the shutters featured in this project do not have to match in color, shape or size.  The window dressings can be found in stores like Habitat ReStores, Craigslist, and various antique shops.  Although both projects shown above feature walls completely covered in shutters, don’t feel as if you have to do the same.  Using a smaller number of them can still help achieve this upcycled, chic look.  When painting, limit the number of colors used to three or less.  The patterns and lines in the shutters create a large amount of activity, so adding any more will make your creation a little too exciting.  Because of the large number of cracks and nooks in the wood, look to spray paint as your new best friend!  Krylon alone has over 140 colors to choose from.

Paint Chips


While we’re on the subject of color choices, let’s visit the subject of paint chips!  These colorful little pieces of paper can brighten that massive, stark white wall in no time.  The pieces shown above have the chips adhered directly to the wall, but don’t feel as if you have to go the exact same route.  Attaching paint chips to wood planks or even cheap canvases can allow you to rearrange as time goes on, to have the same desired affect while still keeping your home fresh.  It will also help if you ever decide to move. Can you imagine taking every single one down in between packing boxes? Nightmare!  Also, let the space your project will live in speak to you.  For example – in an office, you might choose colors that stray from causing a lot of distraction.  In a little girls room, you might let her help pick out her favorite colors to inspire her creative side and create a sense of ownership in her own space. 

For more unique wall decor ideas, visit us again tomorrow for part deux! We have a few more tricks up our sleeves.  

If you need any advice or inspiration with your walls, (or as I like to call them, your blank canvases), let Sacksteder’s Interiors help you!  Visit us in New Trenton or Obryonville and we will help you fill those blank canvases! 

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