Halloween Decorating Ideas

Written by London Hampshire with Sacksteder’s Interiors

October is almost here, and that means the ghosts and ghouls are beginning to awake!  To get started on creating the perfect decor for your FABULOUS Halloween party, try some of these decorating ideas!


Create an Enticing Entrance

Spooky Porch  Halloween Planters and Pumpkins  Halloween-Centric Doorstep

Before your guests even arrive, you want them to be absolutely wowed by your hair-raising (but still adorable) doorstep.  Some people know where the party is simply because of how many cars are parked outside. Not yours! Your house will stand out from all the rest with these creative decorations.

Start with your door.  Adding your own little touches to a few basics like a spooky wreath or spider webs (below) can make these pieces pop.  Feel free to accessorize with paper skeleton heads, glittery spiders, Halloween inspired foam words, felt bats, and so much more. Get creative with it! Your door is the centerpiece to this look.

 Pine Wreath w/Lights w/160 Tips 25Glitter Spider Web (Set of 2) 13

Hanging Halloween themed lights will illuminate your gorgeous, crafty creations, and lanterns or jack-o-lanterns like those below will ensure your guests find their way on that dark, haunted evening.

Lantern Luminary w/Indoor/Outdoor Candle (x3 Asst) 7        Pumpkin (x2 Asst) 10

To finish the look,  try some of these: hang fake ravens and ghosts from the trees, add menacing eyes to planters and urns in your garden, tape black cut-outs of witches, spider webs, and monsters on the inside of your windows, and cover bushes or pillars with fake cobwebs.   Your guests will be impressed before they even set foot in your haunted home!


Quick & Clever Centerpiece

White Pumpkins on Black Stands 

To create this look, buy assorted sizes of pumpkins and gourds and coat with white spray paint.  To get a glamorous effect, add glitter spray.  For the striped look, adhere glitter to one side of double stick tape, then stick in stripes to the gourds.  If you want a spookier effect, add a few skulls and creepy hands.

Skull on Stand (x3 Asst) 11.5    


Treats & Toxic Tonics

An Ancient Welcome  A Terror of Treats  

One way to go above and beyond with any party is through the presentation of food and beverages.  Creepify your table tops with ragged looking cloth or a spider web printed table runner.  Add fake ravens throughout and have them “guard” the food.  You can also drip red candle wax onto some of the dishes to make it look like blood spatter (note: do not add wax to surfaces that will come in direct contact with food or drink).

For Toxic Tonics:

Ghost Wine Stopper (x2 Asst) 5    Close this window

Use ghoul bottle stoppers, “poison” bottles, and witch outfits for wine bottles to have your drinks get dressed for all hallow’s eve!  For your party punch, serve in a mini cauldron, and add red food coloring or pomegranate juice to make your punch look like blood!  You can also add an array of creepy crawly bugs to the bottoms of wine glasses to serve as wine charms.

For Tasty Treats:

Close this window  Close this window  Close this window

Skeleton Butler for little goodies, coffin shaped chip and dip tray, and a skeleton in a top hat to hold candies for your ghoulish guests are the perfect start.  From there, you can create name plates for each dish you serve, giving each a Halloween inspired name.  Your food can follow the trend as well!  Serve up cheese balls that look like they’ve been rotting for months by rolling them in green herbs such as a dill, thyme, parsley, or chives.  Add bug or spider stickers to the ends of toothpicks to help serve finger food.


For even more Halloween decorating tips, ideas, and inspiration, visit us at Sacksteder’s Interiors. We are more than happy to help you with any of your Halloween party planning needs!

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