Bring on the Sunshine!

Tips on color

Tip number two: Yellow represents creative and intellectual energy.  Yellow also protects from lethargy.

On a bright sunny day we all want to be outside enjoying the sunshine.  Why not enjoy the yellow rays of the sun even on a gloomy day? Go with yellow to brighten up your home no matter what the weather brings! Sacksteder’s Interiors has a variety of options for you to bring the sunshine into your home and keep away those lethargic feelings!

This floral and fruit combination shines as bright as the sun with the use of yellow pears.

The yellow accents featured here are great to use for that sunshine color! The yellow vase has a unique look and can be used in many different style homes. This is a subtle way to bring in those yellow tones.

Bring the sun into your bedroom with sunshine yellow walls! This space has a high creative energy, there is no way anyone in this room will feel gloomy even if the weather is!

If you choose to use subtle hints of yellow with accents or make a bold choice by painting the walls yellow you can always have sunshine in your home!

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