Red, White and Re-do!

Written By Angel Rasper of Sacksteder’s Interiors

Out of all the summer months July has cause for celebration! Therefore, inspiring a month full of surprises! So whether you enjoy the gasps and laughter of children enjoying fireworks or being at leisure with the family camping by the lake; the mid-year month of July is a time for finding yourself experiencing what great memories are made of.    

Our home starts to become the focal point to where we enjoy summertime favorites. Planning for party ideas can usually be discovered while rifling through pieces of memorabilia or rearranging furniture  that was specifically purchased to service a certain function for one of those past events.

  • Creating comfortable seating arrangements with the Bradington-Young Red Sofa

Developing the art of entertaining comes with organization and preparation. So if having an outdoor summer party has come to mind while enjoying a moment at home; consider these practical tips on how you can make sharing time with those you love a relaxing and enjoyable experience.   



Sharing our home and finding time to spend with guests can be considered a luxury, especially when careful consideration to detail ensures the best experience visitors could potentially have in our homes.  

So one of the first details to consider when planning a summer party is whether or not you will have any overnight guests. Creating comfortable sleeping arrangements is essential for company. So make sure you have planned for where everyone will be turning in for the night and make sure that they are aware of all the amenities. Where to find the powder room, towels and extra blankets are just a few items of importance that should be on the list. 

  • Hooker Furniture’s Cane Shelter Bed 5/0, Queen – Trellis White is a great example of how to create luxurious sleeping arrangements.


  • The Kate Accent table by Hooker Furniture adds chic elegance to a bedroom designed for guests.

Accent furniture placed about the bedroom will make organizing for your guests easy. Simple comforts are the difference between homey and hotel overnighter. So providing the extra attention to the details will make your guest feel more at home.

This beautiful three drawer turquoise chest by Hooker Furniture adds a highlighting color of blue /green to your space. Turquoise has sharp eye catching pigments that bring a cool soothing affect visually to a room, while sending a striking message of vibrancy.    

The deeper; but not so subtle color of the Regatta Blue Bombe, could be the perfect anchor piece to a guest room where storage and staging space is important. With striking features and feminine lines this chest is sure to be a conversation piece.

  • The “R” Series Sectional by Sam Moore.

The next most important detail is seating arrangements that are inviting and designed for social occasions. Allowing your guests to get comfortable in your home is at the heart of being a thoughtful host or hostess and that applies all year round.

So even if the occasion calls for swimsuits, barbeque and sparklers; have a home that allows for optimum comfort. If your guests find themselves chatting under the stars in your back yard or relaxing with other visitors on a comfy sofa; being able to feel at ease is essential for a pleasurable visit with you and your family.

  • Image courtesy of Google Images.

Finding practical methods for making the most of summertime favorites isn’t based just on the outside of your home because beauty starts on the inside. And once you start to establish a strategy for the art of entertaining by mastering the need for comfort; the technique will follow along with you into your plans for an outdoor summer event that will guarantee all your party animals a “blast” of a time! 

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