Great Books for Dad on Father’s Day

By Hooker Furniture contributor Nancy Lindemeyer 



Right now, plans are being made all over the country for the traditional Father’s Day breakfast.  It’s a noble tradition, and dads are swell at eating pancakes made by six-year-olds with gobs of chocolate sauce. In addition, Dad might like a more lasting memory of this special day–so why not select a book that will please him as well as pay tribute to his fatherliness? Here are some examples to spur you on to make your own special choice:

  • Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook: What Dad doesn’t think of himself as king of the backyard cookout? This fun book is by Robb Walsh, who puts himself right in the middle of the great barbecue debate. There are 85 recipes, but maybe the best parts of the book are the stories that Walsh has collected around the barbecue pit. Some are tall tales for sure and some are just hilarious. Dad can have a wonderful armchair experience reading all about ribs. There’s also a hundred-year history of barbecue and some great photos, like a certain U.S. president enjoying his ribs. (Guess who that is…) And some first ladies pitch in their sauce recipes along with many others.

Texas BBQ Cook Book


When Dad brings in his barbecue, perhaps he will serve it on the casual Lorimer dining table.

Lorimer table great for barbecue meal

Lorimer table great for barbecue meal

This warm, contemporary setting of the wood and metal Lorimer table has such a comfortable feel that everyone can tuck napkins under their chins and enjoy the fruits of Dad’s labors.

  • Dad’s Playbook: The subtitle of this inspirational book is Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time. By Tom Limbert with an introduction by Steve Young, the book illustrates how to motivate, mentor, discipline and love others, with advice from men like Vince Lombardi and Tony Lasorba. Along with great photos of coaches in action, you can enjoy more than 100 quotes from coaches including such words of wisdom as, “Don’t coach mad!” from Rick Pitino. Coaching, like parenting, is a challenging job, and dads will find lots of help from men who are often like second fathers to their players. Bear Bryant impresses on Dad that responsibility is the job of the head coach.

Dad's Playbook


Dad can watch his favorite coaches in action on the television set perfectly positioned in the Windward Home Theater

Windward Home Theater

Windward Home Theater

The rafia treatment on the doors contributes to the laid-back feeling of the home entertainment furniture. Shelves provide plenty of space for the favorite books and DVD’s for the entire family. Dad will likely have lots of company to enjoy watching today’s coaches at work in real time.


  • Fatherhood: This book by the great Bill Cosby will have Dad happily seated in his favorite reading chair like Bradington Young’s 3-way-lounge Cambridge leather chair. If there was ever a place to sit back and take in the humor and good sense that this book offers, it is with this classic. This is a chair where Dad can hold sway on his special day.

Bradington-Young Cambridge chair

Bradington-Young Cambridge chair

Cosby runs true to form in couching his commonsense advice with humor. Fans of the television star will rekindle a relationship. New dads will find a dad who raised five children absorbed by the hilarious observations of what it means to raise kids. There is good reason while this book remains a classic best seller. Taking the trials and tribulations of parenthood with a good dose of humor never goes out of style–nor does Bill Cosby’s brand of good humor on the subject.

  • Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: The book by Joshua Piven deals (often tongue –in-cheek) with “man skills.” There is some helpful advice such as the best way to calm a crying child and some ridiculous scenarios such as how to avoid a pirate attack.

Survival Handbook


It’s a handsome book that Dad will find both useful and engaging. He shouldn’t miss how to disarm an irate golfer! Dad may want to keep this on his writing desk, for ready reference, when a worst-case scenario arises.

A good desk choice? The Estate writing desk. It has the kind of timeless style many fathers prefer.

Estate writing desk

Estate writing desk

So, there’s plenty to entertain and inform Dad in this list of perfect presents for Father’s Day. Of course, you know your dad best–and there might be that book you’ve had in mind for his special interests. Whatever you choose, there’s no gift like a book–it’s enduring for that most enduring relationship. Bless our dads, every one!

Happy Father’s Day from everybody at Sacksteder’s Interiors and Hooker Furniture!

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