Light Up Your World With Lanterns

Written by Angel Rasper of Sacksteder’s Interiors

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Whether they are just ornamental or you need them for a utilitarian purpose; lanterns can be a wonderful enhancement to just about any decor. With the warm glow of oil burning, soft crystal lighting or the flickering flame of a candle; romantic ambience is created by these decorative gems offering a soothing atmosphere intended for rest and relaxation.   

Encyclopedia Britannica defines lanterns as a case, ordinarily metal, with transparent or translucent sides, used to contain and protect a lamp. (lantern. 2013. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. Retrieved 30 May, 2013, from

So along with their timeless beauty is a certain amount of functionality that should never be taken for granted. Lanterns are meant to house flame in some cases, but always take into consideration the volatility of open flame when using them. Don’t forget that safety should always come first, so never leave them unattended and be sure to place them in a safe location. 

The right combination of lanterns can tailor your spaces with a theme that speaks of a by-gone era; reminding us of a time before modern conveniences, but still offering an enduring grandeur that we never tire of.

The perfect purge of the day’s cares can transpire from a few moments in a room aglow with the soothing light of candles grouped with lanterns. And due to their recent increase in popularity; retailers are offering a huge selection of styles, colors and sizes making the use of them for interior design customization more simplified.

The four door; three drawer console with a visage finish from Hooker Furniture is a splendid decorative example of what could become the perfect anchor piece for displaying a collection of ornate and old world lanterns. The serene feel of this gold and silver piece will become even more enhanced in the evening as the warm glow of the candlelight is captured by the metallic finish.

Lanterns offer a duality of uses that can range from being displayed empty while showcased with other decorative pieces….

too finding just a diverse way of displaying some of your most favored accents.

With a nostalgic look of weathered rough edges; old world lanterns can add just the right amount of visual detail and interest to your decor; blending hard and soft elements that can create just the right amount of aesthetical balance when properly arranged together.

The Antonella Floor Mirror by Hooker Furniture with a distressed finish can contribute charm and depth to most spaces.  So when combined with rustic old world lanterns; this classy mirror can add just the right amount of artistic chic without losing sophistication while giving you the prefect backdrop for capturing the illumination of candlelight.

Lanterns have a history that has served us well with many uses. We so enjoy the soft pleasant light that radiates from them and it is no wonder that we still find uses for them even today.  We have come a long way from using lanterns to light our path along a darkened street or to provide a resource of light attached to a horse drawn carriage.

So whatever your use may be for lanterns; be sure to enjoy their classic style, as well as their marvelous and innovative contribution to our history. And with such staying power… there is a real possibility of your purchase going vintage at some point.      

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